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  MY TOP TIPS FOR VIDEO BRANDING YOUR MAGNETISM! Video is a powerful medium to reach more prospective clients locally and globally. It’s effective in projecting your personal brand without having to introduce yourself to everyone over and over. 1/  Add a video to your Website, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube because video is the future…

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Is Your Personal Brand Reflecting the Magnetic YOU?

  Using branded headshots and professional photographs is vital to attract the right type of clients to your business, so how to do you ensure that you are conveying the right messages that you are an authentic leader? For me, your brand image includes the essential photos that you use to portray yourself on your…

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How 6 Branding Tips Can Create Your Business Success!

  Most business owners know that branding can bring them success. The problem is that the great majority have no idea how to achieve this effectively and capture the imagination of their high paying clients. There is a relationship between a strong magnetic business branding image and the success of their business. They are also…

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