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  Chairman and Founder Thought Leaders Global I am a professional speaker and father of two stunning children, Chloe and Nicholas, obsessed with helping people be commercially smart by capturing, packaging and delivering their work, as the founder of Thought Leaders Global. How did you find the courage/motivation to embark on the path of doing […]



How to Build a Strong Personal Brand with VIDEO

Posted by: Zahrina Photography

  Bad news: there is a constant need to drive business growth. If you have no plans to do so, then failure is inevitable. Good news: there are available tools to propel growth. One of the most effective is videos. But first, you need a strong brand. Why build a strong brand? You need loyal customers. […]



  Magnetic Personal Brand Story – #1 Michele Hamdorf with Zahrina Robertson Chief Experience Officer/Entrepreneur/ Non Executive Director/Speaker (M.E. (Exec), M.IoDSA, MAICD, MAMI) As a start-up & turnaround expert, I’ve delivered marketing, merchandise and retail successes in fashion, telecommunications and e-commerce, gaining global recognition. I’ve developed numerous retail strategies spanning over 25 years internationally. It’s […]



How to Create Your Online Impact NOW!

Posted by: Zahrina Photography

A picture is worth more than a thousand words and evokes feelings, thoughts and perceptions of the person viewing your photo. Potential clients often determine whether they are going to work with you or not based upon your professional brand-marketing photos. In my ten years of experience as a Leading International Award Winning Photographer photographing […]