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... Why other people in your industry earn up to 100 times more than you

Revealed by an award-winning personal branding strategist, photographer, speaker and author who has worked with and spoken before audiences nationally and internationally.

Dear Entreprenuer,

Have you ever wondered why certain people in your industry earn up to 100 times more than you do?

The answer is simple…

Even though they may not be smarter or work harder, they have something you do NOT.

They’ve been seen as the trusted personal brand of authority in their industry.

They’re the expert others turn to when they want answers, guidance and advice.

As a result, they get…

All the highest paying clients.

All the best media appearances.

All the best business opportunities

But they don’t have to be the ONLY ones to get all the glory. You, too, can enjoy the kudos of being a well-crafted personal brand leader in your industry.

Not by outworking the competition. Not by outspending them.

But simply by knowing … your personal brand attributes.


It is about action, connection, and inspiration all to magnify your business brand.

A Consultant?
Are you a Coach?
An Executive?
A woman in business?
A serviced based entrepreneur?

Are you looking to have your BREAKTHROUGH year, this year?

Did you talk about the real issues in your business and life like you just sat down for a heart-to-heart with your best girlfriends?

Did you learn enough to actually apply strategies to your business the same day? And see results?

And here’s what’s missing:

Intimacy - Connection - Collaboration - Kick-Ass Brand Training - Indulgence - Exclusivity - Progress - Friendships - Success

What would these things mean to you, your life, and your business?

Think you could kick ass better in your life and business if you could be a part of something so intimate, purpose-driven, and exclusive as this?

Hell Yes!

Good, because I do personal branding differently with fun and breakthroughs


Ready to lift their entrepreneurial game and play bigger with a brand that sings.

Ready to launch a brand so they can let go of the grind and chasing new clients day after day.

Ready to smash through self-imposed limitations.

These are the following key take-aways from this branding event:

Strategies on how to attract clients that say “YES”

Understand the 6 ways to be Magnetic for Your Clients

Understand your very own Style and Brand Personality Archetype

Connect with your ideal clients by conveying Clarity and Authenticity

Align your Vision, Purpose & Values to your brand to win more business!

Step by step ways to help you to enhance your Brand and Profile - ONLINE!

Be proud of the way you look and Boost your Confidence in meetings instantly

The 6 steps to help you Better Connect PLUS much more...


– A Colour High Resolution MAGNETIC HEADSHOT –
Valued at $797 - Yours FREE! –

– Z’s Shots of Wisdom: You will receive short sharp tips to manage your personal brand on social media. –

PLUS ...
- A copy of Zahrina's new book “MAGNETIC BRANDING: The Complete Guide for a Brand That Attracts" with all the resources you need to create, understand and maintain your personal brand and profile. This book is designed to help you think about your professionalism and brand both online and offline for the future. -

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to attract high paying, hassle free clients?
At this event I will show you how to become the trusted ‘go-to’ expert in your industry. I will reveal easy ways to attract your ideal client, plus strategies to make your clients say ‘yes!’

Do you want your personal brand to showcase your x-factor to its fullest potential?
I will help you to align your vision, purpose and values to form a congruent, consistent branding message. By tapping into your unique style and brand personality archetype, YOU can be in control of how you are perceived. Learn to be proud of how you look and let your confidence shine!

Do you need a magnetic online presence that speaks for you 24/7, engages with your audience and leads to more profits?
Learn how to magnetise your online branding and become an influencer through social media. Captivate and connect with your audience by conveying clarity and authenticity. Make your website look extraordinary to gain the brand recognition you deserve.

If ANY of these describe you, then this event is for you!

At this event you will learn the ultimate secret to success (no it’s not working harder or longer!). 

My name is Zahrina Robertson and at my brand new – live event called


I’m going to reveal the secrets I’ve used to become an in-demand professional speaker, trainer, author and multi-award business woman.

Magnify Your Brand! Get Noticed 24/7 - Above the Noise in Any Industry

You may have seen me on The Morning Show… or read about me in the Sydney Morning Herald or even the Huffington Post.

I get to travel the world, stay in fancy hotels, speak at high profile events and rub shoulders with some of the world’s most inspiring people and business elite.

My best calculation is that I photographed around 100,000 images a year – capturing many authors, speakers and coaches.

I deliver transformational brand change to entrepreneurs and corporates. Some of my past clients include global brands such as Westfield, Business Chicks, Business in Heels, WOW Woman and ICALM...just to name a few.

My NEW book is “MAGNETIC BRANDING - The Complete Guide for a Brand that Attracts!”

I have had the privilege of working with international entrepreneurs such as Ali Brown, Matt Church, Dale Beaumont and write for Arianna Huffington - helping to create the strength of their personal brands.

I have appeared on The Morning Show, ABC TV, Channel Nine and SBS – as well as being featured in CEO Magazine, Dynamic Business and many other outlets.

Since the age of 8 I’ve been immersed in the world of photography, which lead me to study marketing and business. Working with international corporations has shown me that branding is the key success factor for individuals globally. My unique learning have come through trial and error while working with international change-makers to create brands that are making a difference.

Since having my son seven years ago, I have created opportunities for myself that have been born from understanding the pain-points of creating my own brand years ago. By using a small handful of highly potent strategies I’ve been able to become a highly sought after media personality and coach; to everyone from corporate executives to people who sincerely desire a more fulfilled life. In other words a brand authority.

These are the same strategies you’re going to discover at Magnify Your Brand! Get Noticed 24/7, Above the Noise in any Industry. In addition, I’ll be revealing:

  • How to never again be underpaid, undervalued and under recognised.
  • How to turn your skills, talents and experience into a profitable business and a remarkable brand.
  • Secrets to making a name for yourself in this new economy.
  • How to turn your passion into a profitable business. Step-by-step success blueprint revealed.

And so much more…

“After my own brand experiences people wanted to hear my story so they could feel inspired. I’ve now worked with key international entrepreneurs and spoken internationally via my public speeches and writing.”



A magnetic personal brand authority is:

  • A person who people seek globally for their advice and opinion.
  • An in-demand professional speaker.
  • Highly-paid for their consulting and coaching.
  • A person who the media chases.
  • Someone who has raving fans internationally.
  • Able to choose lifestyle over busyness.
  • Part thought-leader and part expert; the market sees them as the authority.
  • In control of how the industry sees them.


Magnify Your Brand! Get Noticed 24/7 - Above the Noise in Any Industry


Caleela McEniery
Caleela came to me with a desire for personal branding photos with a difference. Working as an engineer in the mining industry she realised that, generally, engineers aren’t the most stylish individuals on the planet. As a female in the industry she realised that presenting well is pivotal.

Caleela decided to down tools in engineering and re-skill as a stylist. Big change, right? Wrong. Identifying a niche service - providing styling advice to engineers in the mining industry - she knew she couldn’t be all high heels and corporate suits.

In our initial conversation, we identified that Caleela's pink hi-vis engineering clothes and hard hat would help create her unique selling proposition. She now resonates with her ideal audience, who see her as approachable, fun and authentic, in a way that wouldn’t happen with a typical boring mugshot. Having a creative approach to Caleela's personal branding worked a treat - she’s now run off her pink boots with the sheer amount of business she’s attracted!

Grant Herbert
For years (and I mean way too long) Grant's personal brand imagery was a romantic photo of him with his wife leaning lovingly over his shoulders. Now, I know he’s a family man, but I could see that this style of image was not working for him or the market he wanted to attract.

Because I knew Grant offline it was obvious to me that his potential could be harnessed with a visual brand that was congruent with his personality and values.


Is Angela special? Yes!

Does Angela know more about blended families than anyone else? Not really. She’s just passionate.

Are her experiences different? No. The same experiences are felt by other blended families.

What sets Angela apart is the relatively small handful of strategies and secrets she used to make her book educational. It was her openness and willingness to share her story; her desire to bond with her tribe and connect with them at a deep level. Most importantly, I created her unique personal brand to attract that wasn’t cookie cutter.

Good news: you can do the same! It’s easy. And I am going show you at Magnify Your Brand!

In fact, I’ve used the same strategies as Angela – plus more that I invented for myself – to launch my public speaking and coaching career!

After my most recent book was published - "MAGNETIC BRANDING - The Complete Guide for the Brand that Attracts!" - requests started coming in for me to share my story. People were telling me they wanted to feel inspired. They wanted to feel moved.

I started speaking before small groups to start with. As my profile grew, and word began to spread, the groups got bigger and bigger – until they swelled.


The single best way to enjoy fame and fortune as a coach or consultant is to have a solid branding kit.

Hands down, nothing can springboard you into the corporate offices of Fortune 500 companies – or lavish you with a lucrative consulting or coaching career – as a clear branding strategy and creditable images based on your brand archetypes.

Plus, I must admit, nothing feels better than seeing your name and photos in the media. I still get goosebumps when I see my name and my new book selling online and offline in bookstores, like Dymocks.

Yes, it’s true. With a well crafted personal brand amazing opportunities will present themselves. Understanding your Brand Archetype will help create a more solid visual brand for you.

You will get more high quality business. Whether you want to do your own seminars, hold corporate trainings or be a keynote speaker, a well thought out personal brand will open life-changing doors. When I flew to New York recently I spoke at two different events. Due to my personal brand message that travel internationally.

You can get on national TV. A well crafted personal brand is the single most common way that media personalities uncover new people to interview on their shows. How do you think I appeared on Channel Nine?

At Magnify Your Brand  you’ll take-away:

  • How to align your vision, purpose & values to your brand to WIN more business!
  • Secrets on launching your brand to attract clients that say “YES”.
  • How to understand your very own style and Brand Personality Archetype.
  • How to use a book to make your message reach more people.
  • Step by step ways to help you to enhance your brand and profile online.
  • How to connect with your ideal clients by conveying clarity and authenticity.
  • How to be proud of the way you look, boost your confidence and certainty in meetings instantly.
  • The 6 ways to be magnetic for your clients.
  • Publicity secrets I use to get FREE media coverage.
  • And so much more…


Imagine if you could unleash your inner archetype so it generates hundreds of thousands – or even millions - of dollars each year.

Imagine if that inner brand archetype changed the lives of people all around you.

And imagine if you were able to use that brand essence to bring you fame, glory and celebrity.

Well, it can.

At Magnify Your Brand I’m going to show you how.

Public speaking is one of the highest paid professions in the world. It gives you time and freedom to travel and meet people. It provides you with the ability to make as much money as you want, whenever you want.

Plus, the lifestyle is amazing!

Because of my personal brand that I’ve been able to travel internationally and speak in New York. I’ve seen most of the Seven Wonders of the World, and stayed at the most luxurious hotels on the planet – all while getting paid. I’ve photographed and been photographed with Seth Godin, Arianna Huffington, Richard Branson, Aviva Drescher, Malcolm Turnbull, Julia Gillard – and many more.

At Magnify Your Brand you’ll discover:

  • How to emotionally connect with your audience so they see your real essence.
  • How to monetise your branding to create massive windfall profits for your coaching or consulting.
  • How to launch your business brand.
  • What a well-branded website looks like.
  • How to present your brand on LinkedIn.
  • Ways to get your style right before you're seen in the marketplace.
  • The key to making money with your visual brand.
  • How to make your branding better than your competition.
  • Best branding practices.
  • Secrets to winning the best paying clients.
  • How to use your brand to create more profit and success.
  • Strategies to magnify your brand.
  • How to win better paying clients.
  • How to get on national television.
  • How to be never be underpaid, undervalued or unrecognised.
  • How to make a name for yourself in this new economy.
  • How to turn your passion into a profitable business.
  • Plus you will get a free Business Branding Portrait, a Magnetic Business Brand SHOOT + HEADSHOT and a Complimentary full color copy of Zahrina’s NEW book “MAGNETIC BRANDING – The Complete Guide for the Brand that Attracts!”

We now live in a world where everything is digital and online. It used to be quite left of center to place a photo on your CV. Now no one has paper CVs and your photo has to be on ALL touch points - Linkedin, Facebook - and chances are most examples are underwhelming! You will leave this event with truly magnetic photography which will take you and your brand to the next level.

And much, much more…


Janine Garner
“My experience of being photographed by Zahrina left me in no doubt that she is the magician of creating personal brand images that reflect her subjects’ authenticity, passion and purpose. Her incredible eye for detail and insight into an individual’s core values enables her to capture the strength and depth of her subjects. What you get with Zahrina is a unique personal branding imagery that adds value to your overall brand message, vision and direction.”

Matt Church
“She is just the right amount of crazy and you need that to encourage you to step up and BE all that you are. Zahrina captures the best me possible - it's a weird journey as a thought-leader to BE yourself but to do so in an amplified manner. To turn up the energy and capture that in my online branding images.”

Siimon Reynolds
“Zahrina’s authenticity is a distinguishing feature of this book. She is not just someone who one day decided she’d like to author a book on branding. Zahrina walks her talk, and has done so for some time. She has applied the techniques described here in her book – and still does – to build a fast growing and lucrative business, win numerous awards and, most notably, become known and respected internationally for what she does – creating visual brand magic.”


Once you use the simple steps I’m going to reveal at Magnify Your Brand, something magical happens immediately.

Almost automatically your phone starts ringing. People in your niche – industry leaders – want to talk to you. TV personalities email you with requests to get you on their podcast show. Journalists come to you to write about you in their publication such as CEO magazine, did with me.

Clients mysteriously pay whatever you ask. Invitations hit your door from overseas with requests for you to speak to groups in the US and many more spots around the world.

It’s all true! That’s exactly what they do for me. And they can do the same for you.

Magnify Your Brand! Get Noticed 24/7 - Above the Noise in Any Industry


Think about how profitable your coaching, consulting or speaking career would be if people totally trusted your advice and message. So whenever you recommend they buy a certain product, they didn’t hesitate for even a moment.

It could easily and realistically double and redouble your cashflow and income – almost overnight.

This is why you don’t have to be a world-class marketer. Or a fast talking, hard selling salesperson.

All you need is for people to fully embrace, trust and respect what your brand has to say and be seen as.

At Magnify Your Brand! Get Noticed 24/7 - Above the Noise in any industry, I’m going to show you the simple steps to make that happen.


  • People are skeptical and jaded about almost anything you say. They don’t believe you, and they don’t want to.
  • It’s difficult to sell your products. You have to resort to spending lots of dollars on marketing. You have to be a “hard sell” sales person - a closer.
  • Your potential customers price-shop and force you to keep your prices lower and lower.
  • People don’t respect your time, your knowledge or your worth! You constantly have to work to win them over. It feels like an uphill battle.
  • Your message is drowned out by all the “noise” your potential customers have to deal with in this new economy.


By using the steps you’re going to learn at Magnify Your Brand you’ll establish yourself as THE trusted personal brand and go-to gal or guy in your niche. With these steps you’ll establish rock solid credibility, stand out from everybody else and claim a dominant authority position amongst your peers.

People will:

  • Seek you out online creating more contacts.
  • Buy more of your products without resorting to a long, winded sales pitch.
  • Send you heartwarming letters of appreciation and love.
  • Invite you to exclusive "retreats", VIP dinners and inner circle meet ups (I've joined private think tanks).

The good news…

I can help you create a powerful personal brand where you:

Change people’s lives.

Get a limitless stream of testimonials.

Receive handfuls of thank you letters and gifts.

At the end of the event, you’ll know precisely what you need to do to begin your transformation to become a lavishly paid market leader who changes people’s lives.

This event is a unique opportunity to create a strong magnetic personal brand that will take you and your business to the next level. You will feel transformed and empowered – ready to leverage your new-found self to make a real impact in your field, and ultimately drive more profit into your business.

Delivered in a fun and dynamic way, this branding event offers a great opportunity to meet like-minded business women and men.

Up to 90% of a buying decision is made before your client contacts you. Obsessed with IMPACT, Zahrina helps to strategise and create persuasive visual brands for clever people online.

From start-ups to experts, women in business, entrepreneurs, executives, coaches and authors…her clients feel more confident, gain clarity and earn more.

Transform your brand from beige to brilliance!



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