Personal Branding – Your Best Investment

Taking the bold step of having your personal branding images taken means that you’ve probably already taken a few considerations in mind.

One of which is whether this is a worth while investment.  Investment in personal branding images offers returns in many different areas. Most clients comment that they receive investment in terms of leverage in marketing as well as more personal returns such as more confidence and awareness of their personal brand. I had the honour of photographing Joanne Antoun, author and speaker, earlier this year. Joanne offers some wonderful insights into how her images have been an investment for her by capturing the value of an image in these few words: ” A great picture is worth a thousand words.”   “New awareness around the importance of personal branding” “As a result of working with Zahrina I already feel more sucessful and I am certain that with the right marketing my personal branding images will bring many online and offline opportunities” “I feel awesome!!” “I would recommend Zahrina to anyone that wants to truly shine both personally and professionally”