Well “D-Day” is coming…I’m starting to get excited and feeling a bit buzzy or dizzy from lack of sleep, not sure what’s first! however, I’m certainly looking forward to the 4th December at 7pm.

The evening is just going to be wonderful, filled with entrepreneurial minds, delightful women and blokes! The room couldn’t be better suited to Charity and increasing literacy for remote 0-5 year old children is top priority! My printer has said, my book will be delivered on time, I must I’m really proud to be self- publishing my NEW Children’s Book. I’m already an author of 6 other photography books, however, this NEW little delight takes my breathe away AND makes everyone’s eyes sparkle! …I couldn’t ask for anything else…If I can share some valuable tips for self publishing, I would make sure your story is strong, correct grammar, interesting and unique content and visually desirable for your audience. I have to admit the process was not as hard as I thought I was going to be as I approach the projects I do in a simple way and plan the execution with gusto!:))

Self publishing from my photography and design studio has been out of a need for action and as many of you may know me already, I’m not one for standing around waiting for others to have my fate in their hands. I’m a doer and it makes me feel worthy my belief in helping others can come true simply through the act of creating and executing my ideas to fruition and simply using my natural gift of photography to change the world one image at time…I’ve been bowled over by the positive responses and feedback about the Indigenous Bookworm Literacy Program and truly looking forward to celebrating the sales of this little yellow gem of goodness for the children…

We’re taking CHRISTMAS ORDERS to help lift the Indigenous Literacy levels of remote children.

Indigenous Literacy Bookworm Program Sydney
Indigenous Literacy Bookworm Program + NEW BOOK LAUNCH

Please help by purchasing our NEW Book – “Zahrina and Tina’s Outback Adventure” for ONLY $15 – put it in your friends or your kids Christmas goodie bag! Or/ better still buy purchase in mini bundles for your clients as a meaningful and goodwill gesture!

Sales can be made via my website – “SHOP”

Thank you and please leave your messages below in the box, I’d love to hear from you…

Cheers, Zahrina