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For many years, I have worked with thought leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners, speakers and influencers to enhance their personal image through striking and considered professional portrait photography and storytelling videography.

Experienced in working across many sectors with my speciality being in personal brand photography and videography storytelling. I will work closely with you to establish a clear direction which enables me to capture you or your business in a way that will establish a strong visual presence that simply can’t be ignored.

I am all about communication and understanding your purpose, my aim is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed in knowing that my process will give you authentic and more importantly, real images. Images that are captured in an environment that makes marketing sense, with the sole purpose of positioning you not only to look incredible but to also build trust within your market.

Standing in front of a camera can be a daunting experience, and you may feel particularly nervous when you are promoting your business through visual images. You can trust me to help you relax and bring out your best, so you will look and feel amazing in every photo - guaranteed. Your journey starts when I identify your key storytelling assets, personality brand style, clothing . From there, I create branding images that compliment your authentic personality. Creating a powerful synergy with your target customer.

Your potential clients will instantly be transfixed by your compelling and authentic visual brand messages. This is the first essential step in establishing a business relationship of trust, energy and professionalism.

If you need to increase your visual impact or are looking to refresh your current photography and or video presence, then together we can work to identify exactly what will best communicate your individual style and positioning so your audience will have an immediate connection.

I offer a complimentary 30-minute branding consultation to discuss your business vision and mission, so I can create a bespoke series of visual branding images, tailored to your unique branding message and guaranteed to resonate with your target customer.

Personal Branding Photographer To Entrepreneurs and Stars

Expert Personal Branding Strategist, Speaker and Author of 10 books.

Zahrina Robertson has successfully worked with and photographed Arnold Schwarzenegger, Richard Branson,  Simon Sinek, Naomi Simson, Carla Zampatti just to name a few, as well as worked alongside numerous Leading International Thought Leaders, Speakers and Entrepreneurs and spoken before audiences nationally and internationally.

IndiBookWorm Malcom Turnbull endorsement

Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull + Zahrina


Arnold Schwarzenegger + Zahrina Robertson, who was the only female photographer asked to photograph Arnold Schwarzenegger  in Sydney, Australia.


Aviva Drescher + Zahrina - New York


Make that first impression count.

It takes only 1/10 of a second to form an opinion about a person, and only half a second (50 milliseconds) to form an impression of a website. Once someone has formed this first opinion it can take much longer for them to change their mind.

So when you promote your business and your expertise online, you need photographs that encapsulate your brand message in every image, instantly conveying your individual flair, professionalism and unique expertise. Unlike most photographers, my professional photography experience is combined with a corporate and marketing background. So I know how to create a compelling and authentic branding message which will come to life through visual storytelling, capturing the true energy and creativity of your business.

Too many photographers use a “point-and-shoot” technique to provide bland generic shots that are more suited to a real estate brochure promoting rental office space. My photographs will promote YOU and YOUR BUSINESS through my unique technique.

My Services

In today’s content saturated market we must communicate with speed and effectiveness cutting through the noise. You simply cannot undervalue the importance of strong Photography and Video. The services I offer cover both of these:

Personal Branding Portraits
Corporate Portraits
Video & Production
Editorial and Commercial work
Drone & Aerial
Studio or Location? Well that depends on the purpose of your photo shoot. Together through an initial planning session, we will work out the best, most suitable locations to use, Studio or outdoor.

Be sure that I will photograph you in an environment that makes sense to you and your brand. I also work with some of Sydney’s leading stylists, make up artists and hair stylists that will have you looking professional and stylish, ready to receive the best photos you have ever had taken.

  • Business Owners

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Executives

  • Corporate Teams

  • Marketing Managers

  • Event Coordinators

  • Graphic And Web Designers

  • And You!

Your personal brand campaign goes beyond photography ad video and creates a dynamic tailored and consistent brand for your company. Your target customer will look at your branding photographs and video taken by me and say “Yes, this is the right person for me,” whether you are promoting your product line, seeking a new corporate role through LinkedIn or advertising your services.

My Clients

I have been privileged to work on the visual branding campaigns for passionate entrepreneurs and achievers such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sir Richard Branson, Martha Stewart and Carla Zampatti to name a few...

When I meet a new client, my approach is to draw out that inner core of confidence and passion, so that your personality will shine in every single image. We also talk about the brand itself, and the central vision and mission that sparked the creation of your business.

Photography clients include:

  • Richard Branson

  • Tim Ferriss

  • Matt Church

  • Simon Sinek

  • Dannii Minogue

  • Ita Buttrose

  • Carla Zampatti

  • Janine Garner and many more....

Event photography clients include:


  • Emirates

  • Tourism Australia

  • Business Chicks

  • LBD Group

  • Global Forum featuring George Clooney, Martha Stewart


Your Unique Branding Photo shoot Location & My Style Team

The photo shoot will take place at a location that fits your brand image and key message. Whether it is outdoors, in your office or in my photography studio, the location will perfectly complement your personal branding campaign.

My highly acclaimed Sydney-based style team, including a make-up artist and hair artist, will create a professional and polished look, so you look and feel spectacularly confident and energetic during the shoot.

After your shoot with me, my professional retoucher does all image retouching in-house with impeccable and natural results every time- guaranteed.

  • Corporate headshots for your website and LinkedIn

  • Marketing and Personal Branding Photography

  • Product Photography and Marketing Collateral Photography

  • Online Presence Photography

  • Event Photography

  • Bespoke Personal Branding Campaign, crafted to attract your target customer instantly by showcasing your expertise, your vision and your mission



Learn how to transform your business with my unique branding techniques

Savvy, passionate and inspiring, Zahrina is available to deliver powerful keynote speeches or conduct transformative workshops on how personal branding can transform and grow your business. With her wealth of knowledge and experience in brand marketing, Zahrina can give you expert targeted advice about marketing your brand presence with ease.

To book Zahrina to speak at your next event, please CLICK HERE to email your brief.

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Dynamic Global Leader of Visual Personal Branding

Zahrina Robertson, author of MAGNETIC BRANDING, The Complete Guide For A Brand That Attracts! is a renowned expert and leader in visual personal branding. Through her background in marketing and public relations, combined with her expertise in national and international brands as well as her natural creative flair, Zahrina is a strong and valuable influence on the concept of personal branding. She has worked for international brands such as LVMH, and she has headed numerous sales teams.

Her commentary on the importance of creating a strong personal brand image is regularly quoted in the media and she is a gifted and inspiring public speaker in high demand at corporate events. She travels globally, sharing her insights to help individuals and companies consolidate their professional success and increase their business profits through personal branding.

Zahrina has won numerous prestigious international awards for her development of Magnetic Branding, such as the 2016 Stevie ® ‘Maverick of the Year’ Award for Women in Business; the 2015 Golden Bridge ‘Best Woman Professional of the Year’ Award; and she was placed as a finalist in the 2015 Australian Institute of Management Awards.

For media enquiries, interviews, appearances and commentary, please contact:

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Did you know that four out of five Indigenous children in remote regions of Australia cannot read or write?

Zahrina Robertson of Zahrina Photography founded the Indigenous Literacy Bookworm Project to create learning opportunities and raise literacy levels among the young children of remote Indigenous communities, by collecting, publishing and distributing children’s books.

“I saw first-hand how books helped bring a spark in their eyes; I saw how their interest in a story blossomed as they sat on my lap. I sat with the little ones as they pulled the fluff on touch and feel books to make connections…I saw and I felt in my heart the massive difference reading to the 0-5 years can make…It’s made my journey as a photographer of life, even more meaningful and richer knowing what the simple act of purchasing books for the indigenous children in remote areas will make.”... Zahrina 

To purchase Zahrina and Tina’s Outback Adventureclick here.