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How To Be a Stand Out Brand

How To Be A Stand Out Brand

WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW! … If you would like to be a stand out brand online and not blend in with the crowd, watch this video! Here are my 3 TIPS on how to gain credibility online.. VISUAL strengths of your personality and business with a branding kit Branding Photography and Video to be congruent,…

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What makes a Million Dollar Brand? Over the years I’ve realised shooting the types of people I really like, know and respect have been having such a positive effect not only on my work but my mindset. There’s an entrepreneurial woman whom I’ve created her personal brand for called Jane Lu of ShowPo, Sydney Australia.…

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  MY TOP TIPS FOR VIDEO BRANDING YOUR MAGNETISM! Video is a powerful medium to reach more prospective clients locally and globally. It’s effective in projecting your personal brand without having to introduce yourself to everyone over and over. 1/  Add a video to your Website, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube because video is the future…

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Is Your Personal Brand Reflecting the Magnetic YOU?

  Using branded headshots and professional photographs is vital to attract the right type of clients to your business, so how to do you ensure that you are conveying the right messages that you are an authentic leader? For me, your brand image includes the essential photos that you use to portray yourself on your…

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