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5 Branding Tips for your Business Photographs

By Zahrina Photography

The significance of personal branding extends further than just a pretty picture on your website or social media profiles. Using corporate branding strategies to attract the right type of clients…

Easy Ways To Brand Yourself as An Industry Expert

By Zahrina Photography

After reading Maria Elena Duron’s post, Drop the Personal and Professional – You Are One Brand, I got thinking about the importance of personal branding for business owners. I think a…

Video Your Magnetism!

By Zahrina Photography

Your writing might show off your personality, but it’s just not the same. Text-based content is a very one-dimensional medium. Video, on the other hand, is a MAGNETIC triple threat!…

How To Be A Stand Out Brand

How To Be a Stand Out Brand

By Zahrina Photography

WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW! … If you would like to be a stand out brand online and not blend in with the crowd, watch this video! Here are my 3…

Speakers + Leaders STAND OUT + BE CHOSEN by Zahrina Robertson


By Zahrina Photography

What makes a Million Dollar Brand? Over the years I’ve realised shooting the types of people I really like, know and respect have been having such a positive effect not…

Magnetic Personal Brand Story #8 Jack Delosa with Zahrina Robertson

By Zahrina Photography

  Managing Director – The Entourage  I am an entrepreneur, investor and BRW Young Rich List Member, who created two multi-million dollar businesses, MBE Education and The Entourage. How did…


By Zahrina Photography

  MY TOP TIPS FOR VIDEO BRANDING YOUR MAGNETISM! Video is a powerful medium to reach more prospective clients locally and globally. It’s effective in projecting your personal brand without…

The Right Strategies To Creating your Magnetic Personal Brand

By Zahrina Photography

The Right Strategies to Creating your Magnetic Personal Brand. The online world has become a playground for business people, where they engage in all sorts of techniques to see their…

Magnetic Personal Brand Story #9 Veronica Cristavao with Zahrina Robertson

By Zahrina Photography

  Director – Diamond Kids Boutique  Collingwood House   I am a business owner of two businesses the first Collingwood House Pty Ltd, which I run with my husband. It…

How to Utilise Video + Photography To Grow Your Business Strategically?

By Zahrina Photography

  The birth of smartphones makes online videos always on-demand! People can more than easily access and watch videos 24/7… They can watch you whilst riding a bus, sitting and…

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