Using Video and Photography Branding

  • Feel invisible? 

  • Don’t know what to say on Video? 

  • Lack of video confidence? 

Personal branding is the process of managing and optimizing the way that you are presented to others. And social media is one of the keys (if not the biggest key) to managing your personal brand online. You have heard about viral videos or viral photos that you see being viewed and shared in social media a million times. Those are videos or photos that are either intentional or unintentionally created to either educate, entertain, inform, or influence the viewer. Some of the unintentional viral videos are those which are taken from behind the scenes commercials, or back-office scenes that people are curious about. These photos or videos tell us a story. It also shows us the human side of the brands online…

Today we are entering the era of emotional marketing. Unlike the traditional media or way of marketing things, the call to actions like “buy now” “get it now” are no longer that effective as before for sale signs and even “register now” for events are being ignored. So how do influencers, consultants, award-winning and bestselling authors or speakers fill rooms?

Notice their posters and videos for their event. Like this event for example;

How did you feel? Do you feel like going? Were you excited?

Each video or photo of you nowadays most especially in social media should tell a story, touch people, and influence how they feel. If it doesn’t, it will be treated just like another stock photo on the internet.

So how? Now, these are the elements or things that should be in your photo or video for branding;




What are you trying to say? What are you trying to achieve? With just one look of the photo or video clip, what’s in it for me? Am I obliged to share it? Is it something useful? Or is it something I already know. Is it a matter of life and death situation where if the others would not know it will impact them greatly? What sets you apart from others who do the same? What’s unique about you? Do you deal with things differently? What is your zone of genius?



Choose a Theme. Decide what your theme should be about. Does it have to be modern contemporary or lifestyle? Do you want your viewers to feel intrigued, happy, excited, or motivated? Be consistent with your theme. Keep the brand consistent with the choice of color or filter in photos and videos. The brand mood portrayed needs to cover the text and even the size or length of your fonts and key sentences.


If you are a businesswoman and food supplements are your product, you shouldn’t be talking about technology unless you can lead the story toward making it good for people who are into this industry. Keep on point. What is the current trend or what’s in the news? How you should react to it or use it to your own advantage.


Keep your photos and videos up to date, informational, consistent, and relevant. Work with an expert in the photo and video branding. Their expertise can help make it easier for you,  especially in identifying the uniqueness of you. And then, use these beautifully created storytelling photos and videos of you across all your social media accounts, that way people will easily recognize you.

And just like photography and video branding, be consistent, relevant and informational in all your

Together, let’s start your photo and video branding journey to success. Book in your Complimentary Brand Consultation. You will be thankful you’ve spent 15 minutes working on BRAND You.



Zahrina Robertson works with  Speakers, Leaders, Experts, Consultants, Entrepreneurs, and trusted advisors to increase and harness their personal branding through video and photography branding business strategies that position your purpose and Stand Out! 

Creating a million dollar personal brand starts from the inside out. As a globally renowned photographer, personal branding strategist, and professional speaker Zahrina Robertson has mastered the art of creating magnetism online, onstage, and in life. After all the future is BRAND YOU. She is on a mission to empower others with the tools she has developed to create an image and branding transformation that truly captures your most magnetic self.

Zahrina has published a number of branding books including “MAGNETIC BRANDING” “The Complete Guide to a Brand That Attracts”.

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