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Is Your Personal Brand Reflecting the Magnetic YOU?

By Zahrina Photography

  Using branded headshots and professional photographs is vital to attract the right type of clients to your business, so how to do you ensure that you are conveying the…

Magnetic Personal Brand Story #10 Lauren Jobson with Zahrina Robertson

By Zahrina Photography

  Director – Love Life With Lauren & Intuitive Heart Trainings I now teach and coach others about the potential they have within them so they can create a life…

How To Build Your Brand Truth + Influence via Video + Photography

By Zahrina Photography

  Traditionally personal branding was more of selling yourself to your target audience. Today, the meaning stays the same, but you can tap more platforms to get yourself out there…

How 6 Branding Tips Can Create Your Business Success!

By Zahrina Photography

  Most business owners know that branding can bring them success. The problem is that the great majority have no idea how to achieve this effectively and capture the imagination…

Magnetic Personal Brand Story #11 Joanne Antoun with Zahrina Robertson

By Zahrina Photography

  Director – Joanne Antoun & International Institute Combined Therapy Cocktail (IICTC)  I am a Transformational Expert and Creator of CTC, the 2 hour Life Transforming Combined Therapy Cocktail, more…

How often are you SEEN on VIDEO?

By Zahrina Photography

  First impressions count, people will judge you, your professionalism and credibility based on your online presence and more with your Personal branding portraits and videos. Most customers will make…

How to use your Branded Videos and Photography to Magnify You?

By Zahrina Photography

  You have chosen the expert to create your perfect magnetic video and photos to brand you. The next question is, how to use these branded videos and photos to…

Magnetic Personal Brand Story #12 Dale Beaumont with Zahrina Robertson

By Zahrina Photography

  CEO – Business Blueprint I’m the CEO of Business Blueprint and I provide business owners with the skills and means to build a highly successful business based on an…

How to use Video and Photography Branding to impact your social media presence fast?

By Zahrina Photography

  Personal branding, is the process of managing and optimizing the way that you are presented to others. And social media is one of the keys (if not the biggest…

Create Your Own Success Story with Magnetic Branding

By Zahrina Photography

In this dynamic age, to succeed and to find fulfillment in your work, you must treat your “personal brand” career management as a continuous activity. The only way to ensure…

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