4 Ways to Brand Yourself Better Online

By Zahrina Photography

These past four years, it’s been said that branding is no longer limited to companies; individuals also engage in it, whether they know they’re doing it or not. The difference is…

Magnetic Personal Brand Story #13 Milly Bridgen with Zahrina Robertson

By Zahrina Photography

  Managing Director & Licensee-in-Charge Property Investor Solutions Pty Ltd I am a professional investor and Licensed Real Estate Agent. I have grown a highly successful property investment business through…

Re-Branding? How to Attract without A Migraine

By Zahrina Photography

Whether you have a product, service or website that you want to promote – or you simply want to have a good image online – you have to start with…

Magnetic Personal Brand Story #14 Anastasia Massouras with Zahrina Robertson

By Zahrina Photography

  CEO – Pure Insights I am an advocate for pursuing happiness. A degree qualified practitioner and professionally trained mediator, I have built a business in supporting individuals, workplace and…

Matt Church

Magnetic Personal Brand Story #15 Matt Church with Zahrina Robertson

By Zahrina Photography

  Chairman and Founder Thought Leaders Global I am a professional speaker and father of two stunning children, Chloe and Nicholas, obsessed with helping people be commercially smart by capturing,…

How to Build a Strong Personal Brand with VIDEO

By Zahrina Photography

Bad news: there is a constant need to drive business growth. If you have no plans to do so, then failure is inevitable. Good news: there are available tools to propel…

Magnetic Personal Brand Story - #1 Michele Hamdorf with Zahrina Robertson

Magnetic Personal Brand Story #1 Michele Hamdorf with Zahrina Robertson

By Zahrina Photography

  Magnetic Personal Brand Story – #1 Michele Hamdorf with Zahrina Robertson Chief Experience Officer/Entrepreneur/ Non Executive Director/Speaker (M.E. (Exec), M.IoDSA, MAICD, MAMI) As a start-up & turnaround expert, I’ve…

How to Create Your Online Impact NOW!

By Zahrina Photography

A picture is worth more than a thousand words and evokes feelings, thoughts and perceptions of the person viewing your photo. Potential clients often determine whether they are going to…

How to Leverage Your Personal Brand!

By Zahrina Photography

Your personal brand transcends your business I feel immensely privileged that I have the opportunity to capture the images of inspirational women. A shoot I did with Danielle Law, a…

How Your Personal Brand Can Inspire Others!

By Zahrina Photography

The power of personal branding Personal Branding, for me, is vital to shining a spotlight on the brand of YOU! The secret to success in business is about connecting with your…

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