How to Build a Strong Personal Brand with VIDEO

Bad news: there is a constant need to drive business growth. If you have no plans to do so, then failure is inevitable. Good news: there are available tools to propel growth. One of the most effective is videos.

But first, you need a strong brand.

Why build a strong brand?

You need loyal customers. Thousands of competitors are made each day. Consumers will keep looking for cheaper alternatives. If you want to keep your clients, you need to compel them to always choose you.

You need to attract new customers. Presence is everything. Make sure you catch possible clients’ attention with what you can uniquely offer.

You need to protect your brand. Clients are now armed with powerful social media tools. From product reviews, posts, to page ratings, it can easily make or break your reputation. Make sure you are guarding it safely by building it.

However, today’s generation of consumers are multi-screen viewers who are bombarded with choices left and right (thanks, internet.). The chances of retention are only 10% to 20%. This is why you need to stand out with your video brand.

Here are ways to do so:

Tell a Story. Humans relate with humans. Having a face to your name will help you communicate better. Tell them your story. Why should they get you? Take your customers to this personal level, and it will inspire trust.

Be Clear. Make sure your content speaks well of who you are and what you do. Don’t beat around the bush. Go direct to the point. Your possible audience will love you for it.

Remember: no matter how great your product and services are, it won’t reach your target audience without a masterfully made video. To stand out, wow your clients with the expertise of Zahrina Photography and Video Videographer Sydney.

For more information on how Zahrina can help you create your magnetic personal brand with IMAGES and VIDEO, please contact Zahrina Robertson.

Author of  “MAGNETIC BRANDING”- The Complete Guide For a Brand That Attracts!

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