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If you're looking for more clicks, more exposure, more revenue, NOW is the time to model the new way top TV shows, news programs, and talk shows are broadcasting .. using exactly what you have... your phone or computer!


Confidently Create Brand Building, Social Media, Marketing, Live and Sales Videos That Engage + Convert, Even If You're Not Techie... WITHOUT Hiring A Production Team!

WARNING: This Branding, Social Media, And Sales Video Special Offer Is A Marketing TEST And May Go Away At Any Time!

There Are Very Few People That Know The Behind The Scenes Secrets That I'm About To Show You... And They're Not Giving Them To The "Little Guy" Because They're Working With High Paying Influencers + Celebrities.

However, Here's the BIG MISTAKE

Authentic Brand Videos Leverage, Build + Grow, Your Business By Being Relevant and Top Of Mind When It's Time To Buy.

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From The Desk Of Zahrina Robertson, Sydney, Australia

Hey Small Business Owner, Coach, Entrepreneur, Speaker or Consultant...

Most people are doing what I'm going to share with you... all wrong!

Unexpectedly, the people who have been doing this one simple thing are really famous celebrities simply engaging with their audience... and a bunch of really smart marketers who picked up on it.

I’m going to show you… the EXACT recorded and live video frameworks to expand your brand, capture sales and maybe increase business during this uncertain time... even if you're an introvert!

The video methodology I will share with you is so second nature that it may have gone under your radar while you were looking for something more complicated. 😉

The bar has been raised to be authentic since...

Every TV talk show, news program, and entertainment show has to broadcast from home these days.

That's great for you... because reaching a massive audience form the privacy of your home is the new normal.

Now more than ever, the concepts and how-to's you learn in Video QuickStarter are critical.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but if you are really serious about building your business, growing your audience, taking advantage of social media, it is imperative to be out there, even in crisis time.

What you need are the confidence, tools, and frameworks to get there. And, I will show you how...

Don't Leave Your Brand To Guesswork...

Unless You Want To Leave Money On The Table


Every scripting framework, every performance tip, every set design and image tip, EVERYTHING in Video QuickStarter is to establish your personal uniqueness in the marketplace (your brand) and how you can scale your success (from the results of your product or service) so that you confidently convey just that on camera.

Tell me if you...

Feel like this?

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Videos can be complicated if you're over your head with too much tech. Lucky for you, the less "professional" a video is, the more it converts these days, meaning more revenue from doing less!

It seems like everyone and their uncle has video training... how do you not get overwhelmed by all the material out there? Video QuickStarter, a straight-to-the-point resource that gives you the exact framework to be the best at being you right away without bombarding you with fluff to stretch it out into a 6-week course!

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Wasting Time

Consistency can be hard when you feel like no one is watching your new broadcast... that's the problem with live broadcasts. Don't worry, I'll show you how to get the gold in a replay or repurposed content.

If you feel like you're spinning your wheels your wheels, wasting time  trying to put your videos together, I get it. Learn from my trial and error production mistakes to discover my system that makes video as productive as it is lucrative. 
I'll show up the apps and software to make video production easy.

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Just like the first time you heard your voice on an answering machine, seeing yourself on video can be stressful, especially if your'e a busy small business owner. No one wants to show up like a hot mess or have a generic background like you're in the witness protection program.

You have every right to be concerned as 95% of first impressions are based on appearance. That's why I'll show you how to be your own glam squad with makeup, hair, and wardrobe tips as well as how to make the most of your set and settings.

Fortunately for you...

There is a better way!

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The New TV

Your videographer might not like this but what's working now isn't going to change anytime soon.

Society through the years has shifted so that your phone is the new TV, both for viewing + broadcasting.

Now more than ever, you don't need fancy equipment to make professional content, just your phone camera, your ideas, and the knowledge on how to get across to your audience... how TV shows are broadcasting now and what we are used to seeing.

I'll show you how to effectively use exactly what you have to share your message with millions.

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Instantly Ready

If you're like me you want to jump in and get down to business without dragging the process out.

Marketing, branding, social media and live videos don't have a "build upon" learning curve.There are frameworks for scripting, lighting, audio, filming, set + setting, hair, makeup, and wardrobe... once you know how, you perfect your performance.

Within minutes of VideoQuickStarter you get your Masterclass, Frameworks + Resource Guide so that you never fumble trying to create  effective videos that authentically grow your brand with value-driven content that converts.

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Uniquely You

Even the most gifted souls can ramble, get robotic, and hide into the darkness when on camera. Yes, video can be a scary part of the business.

That's why having the frameworks for every step of your on camera presence give you the structure to stay on point and still be yourself.

With frameworks, your performance will  be more coherent and natural, your content will be more organized and easy to follow,  your visuals will be on brand, and the production side will be a breeze.

Make it easy on yourself, learn how to be the best at being you in video!

Video QuickStarter
Special Introductory Price! 
(Save $210!)

What to say and how to say it on camera can be daunting but not anymore when you have the confidence, framework, and resources to create your own videos without ever having to hire a videographer!

With Video Quickstarter, you easily understand what type of video to use for each purpose and how to create them on your own so that you can create an authentic powerful message with video content that elevates the know, like and trust factor.

Follow simple frameworks and never feel like you don't know what to say or what to do once you know the impact video has to stand out in a crowded market.

Designed for the non-techy small business owner or solopreneur in mind.


One Pay Today of Only $ 
(Value $257 USD)

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Video Quickstarter Kit



Here's A Fraction Of What You Get...

  • How to master the confidence and framework to get your message in front of millions even if you're not techie delivered right away in a downloadable format for reference as you prep your next video.
  • Say goodbye to being a best kept secretby spotlighting your personality, value, and offers, without the overwhelm of having to hire a production crew.
  • The 5 Key Brand Building Video Frameworks to grow your business detailed with with easy-to-follow step-by-step content inclusions so that you never sound scripted yet authentic + relatable while hitting your content marks for Engagement or Offer videos.
  • Why certain video styles are critical for today's modern business owner, especially the ones you can easily create on your own using your smartphone or webcam, and the Resource Guide to make it happen.
  • The truth about teleprompters. How to avoid them with handy, downloadable scripting frameworks so you don't ramble or drawing a blank on camera, yet still sound natural.
  • Visual messaging is critical to perception... so you need to get all fancy with hair, makeup, a stylist, lighting + set designer, right? WRONG! I share how to be your own glam squad + design crew with personal tips and professional hacks to be "camera ready" at a moment's notice.
  • How to eliminate video stress and overwhelm so you can confidently learn how to make video enjoyable and lucrative brand building building "non negotiable" asset.
  • Say good-bye to bugged out, drawn out, learning fatigue and just start doing! The 82-Minute Audiocast Masterclass is created so that you can listen wherever you are without getting bogged down… you'll my personal trial and error mistakes and how to not have them happen to you.
  • The printable 62+ page Video QuickStarter Edition with Action Fields breaks it down in easy to follow, step-by-step frameworks to elevate your performance so you can attract your aligned + most profitable audience!

You Get ALL This For


$97 Today!

WARNING:This Branding, Social Media, And Sales Video Special Offer Is A Marketing TEST And May Go Away At Any Time!

30 Day Refund Policy

I 100% guarantee that you will love Video QuickStarter or I'll refund your full purchase price and let you keep the Audiocast Training and Downloadable Book anyway.

Just send us a reply email from your receipt and I'll give you back your purchase price... and you still  keep the Video Kickstarter Kit!

You're Safe With Us

We use a 256-bit encryption protocol to ensure that all your personal and billing data is protected.



The Boldest Guarantee In The World

If you are not happy with your order, you have 30 days to request a full refund on your payment- and get to keep Video Quickstarter anyway!

How's that for fair?



“You do all the ‘work’ or don’t even know where to start but you’re getting buried alive in a sea of samies.“

Zahrina Robertson knows that positioning it's the new currency.

She is the catalyst to next level entrepreneurs who realize it takes more than expertise for you and your business to stand out in a crowded market.

Zahrina has an accomplished three-decade career in Personal Branding Photography and Videography, Brand Strategy, and entrepreneurship which has led to her or her work seen in the media nearly many times.

Zahrina is the founder and CEO of ZahrinaPhotography.com online since 2010, a former Marketing Brand Manager for LVMH, and a 10-year veteran as Australia's Leading Personal Branding Photographer and Videographer, Speaker, Stylist and Author of 10 books and online Course educator styling everything all her clients to look chic so they stand out with confidence, and Zahrina holds a business degree in marketing.

Best of all, she has been her own boss for decades.

She channels her expertise to allow you to show up fully so you can confidently be positioned to get high-level clients and opportunities while being the best at being you.

Sharon is the author of the #1 MAGNETIC BRANDING, The Complete Guide To A Brand That Attracts book. As curriculum creator, Zahrina has launched several modulated info-educational programs, including Magnetic Branding: How to Curate Your Brand plus numerous masterclasses, workshops, and online events on Video Branding Masterclass and Video Visibility.

Don't Let Overwhelm Get Between You And Your Goals

Videos are best when you can just pick up your phone or open your computer and start talking without getting complicated.

​What you say, how you say it, and the way you're perceived are critical to having your message reach your most aligned + most profitable audience.

I laid out exactly what you need so...

Anyone looking to confidently amp their visibility could effectively and easily learn video now...

Without all that annoying stuff...

Like tech, writing a script, knowing what framework to use, hiring a videographer, waiting for the footage to come back to you, hiring a stylist or having your hair and makeup done.

With Video QuickStarter you can turn your phone into your broadcast network so you can spread your message + boost your revenue funnels...

It's your time to increase your social media, fill your funnels + create brand awareness with video... the short term strategy that brings long term results!