Incredible photos tell people who you are instantly – without saying a single word.

I meet you where you’re at to guide you with …

Personal Brand Portraits

Lifestyle Photography & Editorial

Corporate Photography

Video Showreels

Video Content, Strategy & Production

Event Photography &/or Video Coverage

Speaker & Media Kits

Authors Book Covers

Speaking Engagements & Keynote Events

Platinum Brand


The ULTIMATE Personal Brand Package!

Dynamic visual brand assets that share your compelling brand story connecting you to a wider audience and be PAID YOUR WORTH!

  • Are you an expert in your field, who wants to own their space?
  • Do you need to be seen in all of your potentials?
  • Are you an expert who needs a storytelling brand?
  • Do you need to be seen as the go-to expert, leader, or speaker in your field?
  • Are you looking to up-level and own the market?


1:1 with Zahrina Leading Brand Photographer + Video Producer

Edited HD High Quality Cinematic Storytelling Positioning Video

300 Personal Branding images

Full Day Video + Photography shoot

1 x Refresh Shoot – BONUS SHOOT

Stunning natural light studio + 3 x amazing outdoor locations

6 x clothing choices

5 brand coaching sessions included Storyboarding, detailed planning session, styling sessions, brand strategy,

Video Scriptwriting, Confidence on camera and more…

Stunning Professional Hair and Makeup included.

Each package is bespoke, let’s connect to talk further on how I can help you …

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Be Your Brand


Your GO-TO package! Be positioned with world-class visual assets and brand strategy. Connect to a wider audience and BE KNOWN!

  • Are you an Emerging Expert, Speaker, Leader or Business Owner?
  • Is now the time to update your brand marketing for media and PR opportunities?
  • Are you looking to re-launch yourself?
  • Are your website and social media looking dated?
  • 12-month option available – just ask!


1:1 with Zahrina – Leading Brand Photographer + Video Producer100 High Quality Signature Personal Branding images3 hour photography shootStunning natural light studio option OR/3 x amazing outdoor locations4 x clothing choicesPlanning and Brand strategy sessionStyling sessionStunning Professional Hair and MakeupEach package is bespoke, let’s connect to talk further on how I can help you …

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Mini Brand Shoot Days


Your Instant Brand Solution!

Attract and Magnetise! Show up Online CONGRUENTLY!

  • Do you need PR / Media images NOW?
  • Want a quick brand refresh?
  • Do you have a brand that relies on using images?
  • Are you keen to have a marketing photographer/ educator help you stand out?
  • Do you love the idea of having indoor and outdoor images?


1:1 with Zahrina – #1 Leading Brand Photographer + Video Producer

8 Personal Branding images with options to purchase additional images

Shoot – various settings, stunning natural light studio + amazing outdoor locations

3 x clothing choices

Planning and Brand strategy session

Styling session

Stunning Professional Hair + Makeup (optional)

Each package is bespoke, let’s connect to talk further on how I can help you …

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EXCLUSIVE for BUSINESS OWNERS seeking the NEW CONTENT experience. You want visual assets to attract global online bookings and corporate and business opportunities!

  • Elevate Your Authority 
  • Is your content outdated and not showcasing enough variety?
  • Want more your booked speaker gigs?
  • Looking for quality updated speaker images to pop into your Hybrid Speaker SHOWREEL
  • Need an updated Speaker reel that Speaker Bureau’s will book you with?
  • Would love your personality and message captured.
  • Work with a  NSW Professional Speakers (PSA) Photographer + Videographer.
  • I’ll help you create and include the content organisers want to see.


  • ON on the day
  • 1:1 with Zahrina – #1 Leading Brand Photographer + Video Producer
  • Recorded in a professional recording studio, 3 cameras and autocue
  • AV support is provided
  • 20 images behind the scenes and on stage speaking in action
  • Edited HD High Quality Storytelling Positioning Video
  • Detailed speaker planning session including styling sessions.
  • Create a strong start, develop a script and elevator pitch that identifies the problems you’re solving and the topics you cover.
  • Showcase the testimonials with their name and company as well as any media mentions.
  • Include the B roll clips, reactions of the audience that is engaged, to demonstrate how you made them feel.
  • Show the vision of the impact you are having on the event with a strong call to action set to exciting upbeat music.
  • 2 x clothing choices
  • Stunning Professional Hair and Makeup ( optional )

Each package is bespoke, let’s connect to talk further on how I can help you …

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How does retouching work?

Depending on your package, a certain amount of retouching on your favourite images in included, this is my SIGNATURE editing. ALL the images you receive are edited for colour, contrast, exposure, sharpness etc and ALL of those are ready for using and posting the minute you receive them. They are all high resolution and have no watermarks as well. Now, many people forgo retouching altogether because they don’t see how their images could be any better – that being said, when it comes to in-depth photoshop retouching, here’s a partial list of what I most often do: (and yes this is only done by me – after years of trying out other pro retouchers, I found it is way better to have Your Photographer, who knows and understands you and your market intimately, to also do your retouching.)

Subtle smoothing deep lines without erasing them (don’t want you to look unnatural), body shaping (slimming arms, bringing the waist in slightly, bringing shoulders down, giving body to the hair, opening up one eye, giving highlights and POP to the eyes, teeth, hair, occasionally removing background objects such as a blue recycling bin, a person in the background (when it is possible), further sharpening or brightening of the image, pumping up the lip colour, filling in eyebrows. I believe in keeping the integrity of Who You Are and not making you unrecognisable. It can be a very fine line, and I see other photographers and retouchers crossing it all the time, which can lead to your potential clients not trusting you, or having a disconnect between you in person and you online.

If you want additional retouching after that let me know and I can give you a quote, usually about $25 to $75 per image, depending on what you want and need done. If you want to give notes about your retouching desires, feel free, or simply just let me do my thang.

What is the turn-around time?

Though your 3rd and/ or final payment instalment is not due until after you’ve had your shoot (due within 5 business days), you may choose to be fully paid up before your shoot day in order to fast track your post-production. Generally though for most people turn around is about 5-10 business days, depending on the season (winter is slower generally and has a faster turnaround).

Zahrina's Signature Approach to You...

A look generally is an outfit. A change of clothes is basically what we mean by moving on to the next “look”. For each look, I try to get as MUCH variety as possible. My creative brain just naturally is always saying to itself, “ok this is the banner, this is the 404 not found shot, this is the IG post, this is the Hero Shot, this is the Congratulations page, the about page, the ad, the business card, the Facebook group leader shot, the LinkedIn shot” etc.

From close-ups, motion-blurred candids, to banners with centre and side focus, verticals, horizontals, detail shots, connecting shots, voyeuristic fly-on-the-wall shots, doing vs being shots, birds-eye-views…We can also play with a look easily and get even more variety – swapping jackets, scarves, glasses, jewellery, is usually still within that same “base look” – sitting, standing, walking, talking, thinking, multi-tasking, being and breathing/looking/feeling…I usually like to get different backgrounds too within a look, whether we are outside and pop around the corner to go from in front of a modern building to sitting with some greenery in the background, or if we are indoors and want to move from the couch to the desk to the floor etc.

Very few photographers think in these terms. They have to have a solid background in marketing and the online world, and it’s a muscle that needs to be flexed. Wedding photographers, family photographers – they’ve spent years flexing totally different muscles as far as framing, mood, variety, gesture, directing…

Can you tell me more about the differences in the shoot packages?

One of the best ways to get a feel for this is by checking out the videos comparing a few different shoots.

Zahrina’s Signature Shoots for Speakers, Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Mini Branding Shoot – 1 hour
Half Day Shoot – 3 hours 
Full Day Shoot – 6 hours Full Day shoot PLUS and another 3 hours half day shoot

Corporate shoots are available.

What if I want to go up or down in packages/ change my package choice later?

If you are on the fence between two packages, you should book the bigger one in order to make sure that we allow enough time for your bigger vision. If by or on shoot day you decide we have accomplished a lot and you don’t need to do the bigger package, that is fine and then your subsequent payments will be lesser and equal to the package you ended up doing.

What is your refund policy?

Strictly no refunds are given, however, please check out my rescheduling policy below, it’s great x

What is your rescheduling policy?

Life happens. Not everything is in our control. I never reschedule on account of the weather reports (that often end up being totally wrong). If we have bad weather, we will do the absolute best that we can with what we are given, and see where that puts us. Only twice in my life have I been unable to complete a shoot due to weather, so it’s extremely rare.

To me, all types of weather have both pluses and minuses. Overcast days provide more shoot spot options and more flattering light. Rained-on streets are gorgeous and clear away the crowds like a miracle. Blue skies are beautiful but cut down on mid-day shoot options due to harsh direct lighting. Snow is gorgeous. Clouds coming and going rapidly create a challenge of ever-changing light but boy do they give the most incredible sunsets.

As far as other situations or emergencies, all I ask for is honest and open communication. I want you to have an awesome shoot, but I also want to be respectful of both your time and my own, especially if I am travelling to you, or if you have booked me in a city where I have a very limited number of shoot spots. If you need to reschedule on short notice, there may be an additional fee, especially if I have booked a makeup and hair artist for your shoot, who likely turned down other work in order to commit to our day together. Great news – your booking deposit will not expire for 24 months! And your deposit/ payment also locks in that rate that you booked at, for up to 12 months! Pretty sweet right?

How many outfits should I bring?

I would say bring 2 or maybe 3 options for each look that your package includes, but no more.

Do I need to hire a stylist, Zahrina?

You can, but 99% of my clients don’t. I recommend you take advantage of at least 2 weeks prior to your shoot, trying on outfits, taking a quick snapshot and sharing it with me so I can do a little virtual wardrobe/style consult for you.

After all, it’s included! ( Please allow at least 48 hours response time regarding wardrobe advising.) I find it easy to do, I totally LOVE it, and I find it is helpful for everyone. I can recommend ways to wear it, shoot it, or if I think you might want to find or buy (or borrow) additional items.

However, if you need a new wardrobe, I have direct contact with some awesome stylists.

What if I want to use my own makeup artist or do my own?

In Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, my pro-hair and makeup team are my most favourite and tested gals and the best in the world.

I will keep an eye on your makeup and hair, advise on changes and touch-ups I notice. If you are using a particular makeup artist of your choosing, please send me their info as soon as you can so I can check out their work.

The gals I have vetted and tested and know my shooting style intimately. They are highly skilled, intuitive, lovely and beautiful. If you would like them to stay longer or for your entire shoot, it is an additional $150, $225, or $275 paid directly to them.

I would say about 99% of the images in my body of work were using my makeup and hair gals.

I am a returning client - do I get a discount?

Yes! with returning clients, I am able to do mini shoots since we have worked together before. I have tested it and found my mini-shoots simply do not work with over 90% of clients who may be seeking a more in-depth approach. Trust me on this. The half-day has been carefully engineered and tested with dozens and dozens of clients over the past 6+ years.

What is copyright and who owns the images?

Per the Copyright Act of 1976, all photographers automatically own their photos unless they specifically sign over the rights via contract. You, however, have full lifetime usage and licensing of all your images. Credit is required in national or online magazine type publications, for example, Oprah Magazine or Business Insider.

I heard you have VIDEO CONFIDENCE Online Courses?

I do! I have online VIDEO MASTERMINDS that are group-based to help businesswomen execute their brand on video. Messaging is clear and your confidence is boomed on video with a group of AMAZING women! I host these exciting online global courses at certain times of the year for 6 weeks.

If you are interested in attending one of my VIDEO Branding Confidence Mastermind Group, please fill out one of the applications below.

Currently accepting applications for:

JUNE 2021

I want everyone in my office to have photos by you or everyone on my team, how would that work?

This is absolutely something that I do as well. Let me know what kinds of photos you need (headshots, “environmental” corporate portraiture, group shots, interiors, drone stills or video of your space or property even), how you want to use the images, your exact location, a number of people and either approximate or exact date(s), budget, and we will schedule a call wherein I can give you a custom quote.

Here’s what my brilliant client’s have to say…

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