Incredible photos tell people who you are instantly – without saying a single word.

I meet you where you’re at to guide you with …

Personal Brand Portraits

Lifestyle Photography & Editorial

Video Showreels

Video Content, Strategy & Production

Event Photography &/or Video Coverage

Speaker & Media Kits

Authors Book Covers

Speaking Engagements & Keynote Events


As a recognised global leader on visible personal branding, by going on a journey with me – you will only get world class results GUARANTEED or it’s FREE! – So YOU might as well Be Your Brand!

Platinum Brand


Igniting Your Personal Brand

In one day, let’s create a show stopping brand. Dynamic visual brand assets that share your compelling brand story to connect you to a wider audience and be paid your worth!

  • Missing key opportunities due to poor positioning?
  • Don’t have the time to create a world class brand?
  • Are You an Expert in your field, who wants to own their space?
  • Want your personal brand to be seen as your full FUTURE YOU?
  • Are you a Business Entrepreneur who needs a storytelling brand?
  • Need to be seen as the updated expert, leader, or speaker in your field?
  • Desire to showcase your authentic self in Signature images x 300
  • Positioning Your VIDEO Brand Story & Message with Strategy appts. more…
  • Need in-shoot assistance with your styling wardrobe?
  • Looking to explore a new look?
  • Wanting to scout out new locations?
  • One stop shoot with TV Hair and Make-up included
  • PLUS so many more great inclusions

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#Be Your Brand



THIS is your go-to package if you want to be positioned with unforgettable, world-class visual assets and brand strategy to connect to a wider audience, be paid your worth, and #BeYourBrand

Answer “YES” to one of more of these questions, this package will position you as the go-to expert!

  • Irritated at looking at the same lackluster images of you every day online?
  • Are you an emerging speaker?
  • Looking to build your brand as a Leader?
  • Time is now to update your brand marketing for Media, PR opportunities?
  • Looking to refresh and re-launch?
  • Are you looking for a number of images to IGNITE Your Brand?
  • Do you need new updated images for your website?
  • Need help being seen as the expert in your field?
  • Have you content in images to help share your message?
  • Would you like updated stunning marketing images to showcase you?
  • Love the thought of a variety of locations to showcase you?
  • Would you like numerous outfits to show variety?
  • Stunning TV Hair and Makeup
  • PLUS so many more great inclusions

Brand in A Year


Don’t miss a beat with updated Visual Brand Content 24/7

365 DAYS of the Year

 Showing up – Every day -with EASE!

  • You have an irregular brand presence online?
  • Are you an influencing entrepreneur?
  • Looking for regularly updated images that really help your social content stories?
  • Do you have a personal brand that relies on using images regularly?
  • You’re keen to have a marketing photographer/ educator help you stand out.
  • Keen to have video as part of your content sharing?
  • Looking for high-quality Storytelling images for PR?
  • You have a lack of storytelling images that show the real you!
  • You love the idea of numerous locations and stylized outfits!
  • PLUS so many more great inclusions

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Hybrid Speaker Reel Package

EXCLUSIVE for Speakers seeking the NEW HYBRID / VIRTUAL studio experience.  You want visual assets to get global online bookings as the


Professional Speakers Association (PSA) chosen Photographer + Videographer

  • Is your speaker reel out-dated, not enough variety showcasing you?
  • Want more booked hybrid speaker gigs?
  • Are you keen to get speaking gigs as the NEW Hybrid speaker
  • Looking for quality updated speaker images to pop your HYBRID SPEAKER SHOWREEL
  • Need an updated Speaker reel that Speaker Bureau’s will book you with?
  • Would love your personality and message filmed fast.
  • Keen for your Video footage to be edited and delivered in rocket time!
  • Want some expert guidance in a professional studio surrounded by experts?
  • PLUS many more brilliant inclusions…
  •  APRIL – MAY 2021

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  • EDITING SERVICES available with your exisiting footage for your speaker showreel from $1200 + GST

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