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STAND OUT Brand Interview with Zahrina Robertson

Brand Story of Samantha Riley, Founder – The Accelerant Group

Hi, I’m Samantha Riley, I founded The Accelerant Group with the primary goal of helping passionate entrepreneurs ignite business growth. We do this by amplifying their message so they can build a following and get paid.

Over many years, I’ve seen so many entrepreneurs and business owners with great skills and who have an amazing message to deliver, but struggle because they’re unknown. It’s like they are the world’s best-kept secret! Not only that, but they are overworked and underpaid. We’re like a personal cheer squad to help these people share their message and create a much bigger positive change in their circle of influence.

How did you find the courage/motivation to embark on the path of doing what you’re doing as a dynamic entrepreneur? 

I always struggled with the idea of “this is how you do things” during my school years. In my first job I was always asking “why do we do it this way?”, or “wouldn’t this way be better?”. I don’t have an “off switch” and love the thrill of making things better – whether it be a system, a new marketing plan, or a new customer experience. So it was a no-brainer to take the step out of employment at the ripe old age of 19 and embark on this whirlwind journey where I was able to do things on my terms.

What are your top two strategies for promoting your personal brand to help your business? 

I love to use social media and speaking from the stage as a way to promote who I am, and what I stand for. People love to connect with people – not a business, so I use these mediums to listen and engage. There are so many people in the world who feel lonely and unheard, and I love to connect with them and see their eyes light up when they tell me what they’re really passionate about.

How has personal branding helped you to achieve your business goals? 

When I first had my professional images taken, it gave me the confidence to put myself ‘out there’. My personal brand was consistent as I used the image on all mediums which meant I was more easily recognized. The quality of my leads increased as the images created a higher perceived value. This in turn gave me more opportunities to build the business with my desired target market.

From your experience, what advice would you provide to other entrepreneurs on personal branding? 

A picture tells 1000 words, and it’s important that the image represents who you truly are.

What does the future hold for you? 

My future is so exciting right now, as I continue to grow my business, and help these passionate entrepreneurs have a greater audience reach.

The collaborative ripples that we can create are endless.


Zahrina Robertson works with  Speakers, Leaders, Experts, Consultants, Entrepreneurs, and trusted advisors to increase and harness their personal branding through video and photography branding business strategies that position your purpose and Stand Out! 

Creating a million dollar personal brand starts from the inside out. As a globally renowned photographer, personal branding strategist, and professional speaker Zahrina Robertson has mastered the art of creating magnetism online, onstage, and in life. After all the future is BRAND YOU. She is on a mission to empower others with the tools she has developed to create an image and branding transformation that truly captures your most magnetic self.

Zahrina has published a number of branding books including “MAGNETIC BRANDING” “The Complete Guide to a Brand That Attracts”.

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