Whoever said in 2019 that 2020 was going to be a great year …deserves a medal!

Having a crystal ball into what 2020 was going to deliver and how it was going to shape our lives will forever be etched in my mind and heart..COVID-19 who would have thought that this disease would spread like wildfire just like our Australian fires did in early 2020.

There comes a time when we need to have our tree shaken up and whatever falls where – it where it’s meant to be.2020 personally for me has been extremely liberating from re-branding, re-launching, re-gigging my mind and business.

There have been dark moments right when I just finished shooting my 4-day event with the PSA Australian National Speakers Convention.This was 4 days of capturing Australia’s best speakers day in and day out – THEN – COVID hit!!

Like a tsunami, all the speaker’s businesses dried up in front of them like evaporating water.Moving forward, I gave my creativity a deep cleanse, moved forward like a combat queen, and low and behold launched a global brand, spoke to over 6000 globally on video and branding, helped so many new clients reach their visual brand utopia, and here you find me a Covid cleansed business!!

Ready and willing to cement 2020 efforts into the best year ever! … and believe me, I can feel it.. like my client Dale Beaumont featured above, who had his branding created by me and used globally!

So I have decided to take the leap forward and help you with some branding trends I believe will occur in 2021… here they are:

    1. Increase brand loyalty with creative customer experiences, hosting Inner Circle events – lookout for these!
    2. Have a social conscience – for me, I like to feel look at my environment to help our next generation.
    3. Think about mobile-first – for how your brand is looking updated 24/7, 365 days of the year – are you relating regularly?
    4. Use Influencer Marketing videos – how often are your videos smashing it out online on message and you’re being seen a the ultimate go-to.
    5. One-stop Programs that CUT OUT subscriptions will be king! Eg: Groovefunnels this in itself is the biggest thing to set foot in 2020. I used it for my website and for a lot of my brand communications, gorgeous hey!
    6. Personalize your Brand. Customers relate to people, not products … so smart savvy brand imagery will help you cut through the online clutter!
    7. Pay attention to Online Communities – this is huge, my FACEBOOK BRANDING group – if you’d like to join me – here is your VIP link.

Personal Branding Trend To UP-LEVEL Your Profile in 2021

  1. Your visual assets can make or break your personal brand.,
  2. Set your personal brand up for a successful year.
  3. The prime purpose of personal brand photography and videography is to help evolve your brand by telling a visual story of who you truly are and what makes you look amazing! Invest in high-quality, personal brand photography and video will make all the difference in setting yourself up for a successful 2021.
  4. Working with speakers, leaders & entrepreneurs by providing impactful photography & video assets that increase their brand visibility. 
  5. Position you as an expert in your field.
  6. Elevate your profile and credibility.
  7. Connect powerfully from the get-go with your audience.
  8. Elevate your brand to play with the big players.
  9. Create a visual curation strategy for all your profile, marketing, and PR needs. 
  10. Support your message with clarity, quality, and consistency.
  11. Grab attention and increase your influence. 
  12. Make it easy for clients to say “yes” to your products or services.
  13. Build trust and rapport.

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