Veronica Cristavao Brand Story with Zahrina Robertson

A Brand Story from Zahrina Robertson

Hi, I am Veronica Cristavao, I am a business owner of two businesses the first Collingwood House Pty Ltd, which I run with my husband. It is a property development company we run the whole project. I do all the interior design, decorating, property management we have been trading for 4 years.

I have recently opened a children’s store in Drummoyne and online as well. We stock all children’s fashion, costumes, accessories, and toys.

How did you find the courage/motivation to embark on the path of doing what you’re doing as a dynamic entrepreneur?

I have always been a workaholic and love learning and doing new things, I have been in customer service and sales most of my life so my background has lead me to where I am now. My passion has always been property and after studying Interior design I decided I wanted to continue so I get to work on some exciting project but only work for our family business. After having my three children I wanted to get into something a little different and have something of my own so with all the experience I have with retail, customer service, marketing, and merchandising I decided to open up my own shop.

What are your top two strategies for promoting your personal brand to help your business? 

Two strategies for promoting the business would be social media keeping up and advertising on social media and staying on top of things.  The second would be staying in tune with the locals, local businesses, and building a network in the local area.

How has personal branding helped you to achieve your business goals? 

Personal branding helped me by getting myself out there and everyone also getting to know me on a personal level, which is very important for the business.

From your experience, what advice would you provide to other entrepreneurs on personal branding? 

My advice would be to stay in tune with what is happening around you build on your network and even joining different network groups e.g. Entrepreneurs Collective

What does the future hold for you? 

My future will be growing the business opening up more stores, building my personal branding and network.  Keep building exceptional properties and keep my passion alive for interior design.

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