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Feeling Frustrated By The Videos You Are Sharing? 

You can have the most amazing message to share with the world but if you don’t know how to be noticed by the right audience then it will forever go unheard. Here’s how I will help you.
Video is such a powerful tool to grab attention and keep all eyes on you however you need to find a skilled videographer that understands the strategy of making that video works for you both before and after it’s produced to delivery. Great video creation can be expensive. It’s an investment so you want to know it’s working and giving you maximum ROI.
You simply can’t deny the power of video – this is the new world.
Watching video provides both audio and visual stimulation which quickly engages your audience. Then you feel connected to your audience. It instantly builds trust and rapport and people develop a stronger affiliation for you than if they were simply seeing your static content.
Need even more convincing? … You were born for more!
Conversion stats and rates double for brands using video on their websites. Video content engages and ignites emotion immediately.There are various ways of creating the right on brand videos for you. Whether it’s business brand videos, video content showreels, speakers showreels, online course, content creation, author book trailers, documentaries, educational pieces, F&Q videos etc, it’s important to understand the following…
Finding the right videographer and producer is essential for your business brand growth in today’s world. Don’t find yourself drowning in a sea of noisy content. Utilise the power of quality videography that makes you highly visible, captures your personality and makes you stand out above your competitors…


Zahrina Robertson Personal, Branding Photography and Video Branding in Sydney: Magnetic Branding Cover

Here’s How to Find the Best Personal Brand Photographer…

Today, you need to find an expert photographer who deeply understands how to visually elevate your brand and strategically capture meaningful and impactful images that show your true personality. Here’s how I will guide you step by step …
These days you need more than a handful of images to get you by. No doubt.
Think about it. People scroll so fast through social media – magnetic images stop them in their tracks … you want a plethora of these images, right? With an image library of over 150 well-thought-out, usable photos, you will have enough photographs to cover your social media content for the next 12 months – my minimum, guarantee!
For over 8 years, I have loved producing quality impactful vibrant image libraries for all my clients.A brilliant branding photographer will provide you with a collection of photos that will support your profile, marketing, website, written messages, headers, banners etc over all your platforms.
As well as media/PR kits, author book covers, speaker kits. Then there are photographs that capture you on the go, with other people/clients etc that showcase what it’s like working with you. Storytelling you is where it’s at, today and into the future!
Loads of FUN! Whatever your purpose, with the right visual strategy, having a dynamic collection of photos in your image library, you’ll be ready at a moment’s notice. Let’s do this! 
People are visual brand consumers – so be ready! From my years of experience, the more consistently you can show up with a variety of impactful images and/ or video, capturing your audience’s attention, the better it is for your brand visibility and connection in today’s environment.
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Grateful for my savvy guidance and direction to help them show up and stand out in all of their potential. This is my unique process that I take all my clients through that catapults them into confidence with lots of key images and videos that slice through the marketplace. Want to know more of what makes your personal brand world-class? Check out a full review by Fixthephoto.

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