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" Zahrina is my go to for Brand Photography " - Matt Church

" Our chosen Speaker + Event Photographer " - Professional Speakers Association (PSA)

" Zahrina is intuitive, insightful and simply the best in her field! " - Jane Anderson

" Zahrina is an absolute gun at what she does with curating and capturing my brand message. If you haven't met her yet, you need to! " - Taki Moore.




Matt C. | Speaker, Thought Leader

Helping provide Speakers & Leaders with dynamic visual assets, so they connect to a wider audience, get paid their worth & be in demand with Personal and Brand photography and video. Sydney, Melbourne, Corporate events, events, photography, video production, Delivered in a personal way.

Business Owners, Consultants, Coaches, Speakers, and Authors are all Entrepreneurs. Running their own businesses, creating something of value and contributing greatly to our community and society. Our modern technologically advanced and information age means that with a decent website, being active on a few social media platforms and a mobile phone just about anyone can call themselves, an Entrepreneur. Brilliant!
Well, yes and no. It’s liberating and empowering and offering a multitude of opportunities for many people, that’s for sure. But at the same time, how does one find the ‘right’ person that has the best solution to solve your problem? And how will you know they are the right person so I don’t end up wasting my time and money?
This is where it’s critical to have an influential Personal Brand. A brand that is memorable, credible and authentic positioning you as an authority. Creating the right perception in your prospect’s mind results in more quality leads and the right kind of clients.
The brand you create and continue to build is what people will remember you for. So presenting yourself as credible, authentic and personable with your Branding Portraits means that you have the best chance of creating that critical first impression, maintaining a high reputation and staying top of mind.
A couple of Headshots won’t do, you’ll need a series of photographs that are tailored to your brand that bring out your personality that communicate your message.
We invite you to read more about what we offer, view our Branding Portraits or make a time to connect with Zahrina on your brand needs.



My team and I work with startups right up to established 7 figure businesses to help you to


Reach More People

YouTube reports that mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year, making video the rising star in your marketing strategy. You can not only reach a wider audience but your message has greater staying power. It’s the easiest way to convey a load of information in a short amount of time.

Affordable Marketing

With the ability to be shared across multiple platforms and modified for different audiences, video is a versatile and affordable marketing strategy. With competitive pricing, quality video producing and increased conversion, video is the next step in your business growth!

Get Mobile

Want to be where the people are? With mobile video views increasing over 500% in the past 5 years (and continually growing) it’s clear that video is the best way to get your message seen by a growing audience. Increase engagement with your ideal audience by being available anytime and anywhere they are.

Boost Conversions

Businesses that include video on their site see higher engagement, click-through, and conversion rates. Including video on your landing page can increase your sales conversion by 80%. Start boosting your sales today by engaging your target audience with video content!

Improve Your SEO

If there’s anything Google loves, it’s a website with high traffic and a low bounce rate (visitors hitting your site then leaving immediately). You guessed it – videos increase the time spent by visitors on your website, which Google notices, improving your search engine rankings.

Position Your Business

If pictures are worth a thousand words, a video is worth infinitely more! Sites that have video statistically rank better on Google, giving you quality exposure for your business and engaging customers who want to quickly understand your business or even buy then and there.


event photography
Share the excitement and energy of your next event, STAND OUT!
A corporate event is the ultimate showcase of the energy and enthusiastic community spirit inspired by your business. And now you can capture this spirit to share with those who cannot attend, through a series of professional photographs.
Whether it is a four-day conference, a book launch, a corporate launch or a fabulous party, I will capture the electric atmosphere and vibe of your event. I have shot every type of event from intimate product launches to magnificent extravaganzas with thousands of attendees.
As part of my Event Photography package, I provide an online gallery of your images for you and your clients to enjoy after the event has taken place.
Past clients include Qantas, Business Chicks, the NSW Chamber of Commerce, LBD Group and many more…
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You know that you’ve done amazing things in your business and for your clients. You know that there are things about you that set you apart and make you golden. You know that it is time for you to rise among the rest and put yourself out there with boldness. STAND OUT - ON PURPOSE

But the images you’re using in your brand are maybe just selfies off your iPhone or they struggle to communicate your power and your story well. You’re craving images that create connection, energize your brand, and bring personality to your business. You’re going all-in to put yourself out there consistently, so you want photography that tells your story.

You don’t just want a photographer + videographer, you want a strategist, a stylist, a storyteller, and a confidence stirring coach.

Good news! I am all three. Through my STAND OUT - ON PURPOSE packages, I partner with passionate, go-getter SPEAKERS + LEADERS, CONSULTANTS and entrepreneurs to give you an inclusive experience where you are taken care of and pampered, along with receiving photographs that are taken with a creative and in-depth strategy with your story top of mind.