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Social Proof of experience and your business brand delivery is the key to building trust and reputation capital. You can no longer rely on static visual assets to become known.

I’m deeply passionate about how you help others succeed. We then produce & capture your personal brand video story in such a way as to make a meaningful impact through beautiful cinematic storytelling in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

We create video brand content that tells your why in a tangible visual way.

We are meticulous, dedicated & curious when it comes to bringing to life the magic that is the personality of your business…this is why I love the power of igniting your brand from within.

Through the process of compelling Video Storytelling, I work daily with Speakers, Leaders and Entrepreneurs to gain bookings for more opportunities and BE KNOWN … Let’s chat!

Personal Brand Showreels

Working daily with Speakers, Leaders and Entrepreneurs in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to elevate your VIDEO brand to convert and be known.


The most powerful medium to attract the attention needed to connect with organisers is video.

Whether physical or virtual, this way of sharing your message and growing your business is enormously effective.


” Zahrina’s is the only go-to visual expert, her showreel for me was exactly what I needed, so happy I landed a $5000 speaking gig!! “- Michelle L.

We curate the credible content that makes you stand out as a confident visible leader.


Just imagine stepping onto a specialised designed stage just for YOU! … Zahrina has partnered with state of the art Blueprint Studios to help develop Australia’s Speakers with Virtual Speaker Showreel Day and stunning speaking images – ready for you to harness the NEW VIRTUAL speaking world opportunities!

Instantly Connect. Be Magnetising, Get Booked

I use my creativity and marketing skills to develop strategies and a story board that showcases the best performances of your career so far. Talent and Message needs marketing capital – key raw message and key positioning capability. Deliver your value proposition with content that connects.

YES, we also style your shoots to suit your brand message on camera.

Be Known, Be Chosen, Get Booked, Increase your influence, impact and income.

Are you the best kept secret in your field? Let’s capture your story and tell the world.. Your story is unique and memorable with the capacity to be impact millions of views. Communicating your personal brand through video is a powerful marketing tool sharing every element of your personality, behind the scenes, brainstorming, reflections and in person presence. Let’s chat!

Checkout Our Client's Showreels

Here’s what my brilliant clients have to say

Rowena Millward
Rowena Millward
Zahrina helps you create the highest quality speaker showreel. I loved the fact that she knew how to design it around me (my personality, my style, my branding) and that she puts the whole thing together - from concept, mini-shoot, live filming, additional footage and editing. It was also so fun to be part of! I would absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for a professional showreel that highlights the real you.
Heather James
Heather James
Zahrina is an amazing talent, fun, engaging and a true professional.
Stephen Licciardello
Stephen Licciardello
I had the pleasure of working with Zahrina Robertson, and I must say, her expertise in visual storytelling and personal branding is truly exceptional. From start to finish, Zahrina demonstrated professionalism, creativity, and a deep understanding of my brand vision. Zahrina's ability to capture the essence of my story and translate it into visually stunning assets exceeded my expectations. Her attention to detail and keen eye for aesthetics brought my brand to life in ways I couldn't have imagined. Not only is Zahrina incredibly talented, but she is also a joy to work with. Her positive energy, passion, and genuine commitment to helping her clients succeed are evident in every interaction. She goes above and beyond to ensure that her clients feel supported and empowered throughout the entire process. I highly recommend Zahrina to anyone looking to elevate their personal brand and create a lasting impact. Her expertise, creativity, and dedication are unmatched. Thank you, Zahrina, for your exceptional work and for helping me tell my story in the most captivating and authentic way possible. Five stars all the way!
Rochelle Courtenay
Rochelle Courtenay
Zahrina photographed our Sydney high tea for Share the Dignity with 500 people. Zahrina was effervescent and the ultimate professional!
Peter Nicholls
Peter Nicholls
Zahrina is a beautiful lady who is has created her own beautiful life. A life she shares magnificently with us all through the magic of photos, videos and work.
Renata Huster
Renata Huster
Zahrina is super personable and so very talented not only as a photographer, public motivational speaker but also as an artist. She is energetic, engaging, and a lot of fun!
Gavin McSherry
Gavin McSherry
Highly recommend Zahrina and her team.
Kerry Buxton
Kerry Buxton
If you're looking for professionalism, and a way to get your message across, then Zahrina Photography is who you need to choose!
Therese Tarlinton
Therese Tarlinton
Total pro with lots to offer professional speakers. Really lovely, generous woman too.

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