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Making an impactful stage presence means bringing an energy and charisma that is both appealing and influential to the podium. It is the mastering of a performance that connects meaning to the audience using body language, general mannerisms, a charismatic speech and your visual appearance that captures their attention. We help you be the agent for change and amplify your message!

Highlight Yourself …

With our Expert Assistance you can reach out to the world and connect to a wider audience. Whether you feel comfortable in front of a crowd of thousands or not, being real and relatable in your performance need not be an act. The process of creating a world class Hybrid Speaker Brand that supports your message and ideas will increase your professional confidence and gains you more opportunities. With a professional demo reel it’s your way of showing people how you can help them. Front and centre of your website, share on social media … event managers, speaker bureaus will all love sharing your up to date hybrid speaker showreel to gain more traction as they can gauge how you perform as a professional speaker.

Our specifically designed and unique filmed Speaker SHOWREEL days elevate your positioning to Stand out, Increase Your Visibility and Amplify Your Message. 

LIMITED SPOTS for our Hybrid Speaker Reel Days designed to advertise your own offer – enquire today.

We also offer to edit your existing footage into a winning demo reel!

VIRTUAL SPEAKER DAY – Amplify Your Message

Spend a brilliant day together –  SPEAKING! Share your message now in a high end HYBRID Speaker studio. Early in 2020, I partnered my client Dale Beaumont and a well known speaker agency to create world class speaker assets that you need to make your impact online as a speaker in today’s new virtual hybrid world of business speaking. Dates and NEW SPEAKER REEL Packages available NOW!

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Together, let’s slice through the noise with images, video and brand strategy that attracts immediate attention and quickly engages to create a powerful platform that builds your trust.