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Known for being Australia’s #1 producer of brand portrait photography and storytelling videos of distinction.

I love igniting your presence as the leader in your field. After all #BEYOURBRAND connect to a wider audience, get paid your worth and be in demand.

My passion & purpose is to elevate you. Together, let’s get you more engagement! 

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 My clear visual strategy will help you with consistent brand results 24/7 …how you ask?

I was born with a camera in my crib …

Visual Storyteller. Marketing background with LVMH. Truth Teller.
Brand Builder. Artist. Community Builder.

My personal brand could NOT look like someone else’s formulaic imagery…and truth be told – neither can yours!

I built my business based on my intuitive connection and marketing approach at the forefront, behind the lens.

That’s when I discovered that I wasn’t the only one who was craving effective visual branding with strategy. This ignited my mission to bring magic, joy, ease, and intuition along with messaging and marketing strategy that created real results for my clients.

As the Author of “Magnetic Branding” and Video Visibility both online courses, I have blazed the path for speakers, leaders and entrepreneurs to trust themselves, break the rules, and radically change what they think is possible and make more money without the hustle or hype, but by upping their visibility, strategically. 

I believe that our businesses can be used as vehicles to create massive change through authentic compelling visual stories.

Having shared stages with visionary leaders and photographed numerous global visionary leaders, I work regularly with local and global clients with my personal branding photography and video shoots, courses, events, and as private clients.

Before this …
I’d been photographing leaders, speakers, authors and business people during events, who were showing up in their unique and brilliant style, but what I noticed was that it didn’t reflect in their online presence. This mismatch is the cornerstone of why I do what I do today … Identifying the expert within and visually curating this for them with congruent imagery that truly reflected who they were 24/7, was it!
On the recent anniversary of my father’s passing made me re-evaluate my purpose and vision. Dad was a photographer and I learnt a great deal watching him with curiosity. About this time, I was compelled to re-evaluate and re-align my values to find a deeper purpose and this lead me to develop my unique global thought leadership models and publish numerous online courses and my books. Propelling me into being an in demand global speaker on the power of storytelling with video and photography.
Life presented a happy accident! I discovered art which has deeply ignited my creativity and heart within. Zahrina Gallery became #ArtOnPurpose. Vibrant colours and rays of light evoke mood and mystery of my environmental mission. My licensed and commissioned paintings became collector pieces and my creative designs became everyday lifestyle products that are admired for colour and intensity that tantalises the senses.
So by realigning my values I found a new level of creativity and became more powerful with my purpose of brand storytelling through the lens.
With multiple years of brand experience, I know I can help you in your journey to where you want FUTURE YOU to be!
A few years ago, Michelle, a 46-year old woman from Melbourne, engaged me to take her branding photos. But it was Michelle, who completely changed how I approached my clients from that day forward. It was a normal day, when I received a call a powerful phone call from a powerful woman. I didn’t know who she was but I still hear her words so clearly to this day…
“I’ve done my research. You’re the only person in Australia, who would know how to photograph me, no one comes close! ”
“What do I need to do and where do I need to be?” She later jumped on a plane and came to Sydney to be photographed in my natural light studio. Michelle brought everything with her, shoes and clothes except her puppy and kitchen sink – she was that EXCITED!
From this experience I’ve learnt all my people come to me with a heartfelt intention.
Dad, Michelle are Art are the reason why I do what I do with passion and purpose.

It’s clearly my role to help people realise their potential … no doubt.

Michelle’s intention was to make a difference and be a female board member and pave the way for other women, such a mega trail blazer!
During our shoot, she stopped and grabbed hold of my hand and said ‘I’ve got to tell you something, Zahrina..”I have to tell you that this is going to be my last photoshoot.’ I said ‘Noooo, people always come back for an update!’ She said, “No gorgeous this is the last shoot I’ll ever do.’ I said, ‘No you’ll be back.’ Two months later she was selected onto a Corporate Board, such brilliance!
Six months later those images were seen by over 300 people at her funeral, she told me in the studio that very special day, she had a brain aneurism. My heart broke in two. Her essence was captured in my video and photos that have left an ever lasting impression in the hearts of her friends and family, globally.

This is my legacy work – because life’s too short. 

I’ve been rewarded with meaningful relationships, my family, International Gold, Silver and Bronze Stevie Awards, but there is nothing like seeing my clients’ confidently take the local and world stage … and own their worth after working with me.
So, let’s work together and develop your original and innovative concepts, that share your message clearly through strong personal branding that connects seamlessly to your ideal client.

Who is Zahrina Robertson?

A world class brand building Photographer and Videographer, Author, Speaker – with savvy marketing nous!

Zahrina Robertson is a multi-award winning business woman who works with speakers, leaders and entrepreneurs with ideas, visual assets, styling and develops very unique brand strategies with her marketing background, the visual storytelling outcomes are a mix of intuitive and an extremely creative processes that produces world class visual assets in no time – for quality results!

This is Zahrina’s natural MAGIC! 

Zahrina Robertson’s clients include Richard Branson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tim Ferris, Dale Beaumont, Taki Moore, Jane Anderson, Christine Guidotti, Janine Garner, Matt Church and Simon Sinek.

Photographer for Global Forum featuring George Clooney. Martha Stewart, Dannii Minogue, Ita Buttrose, Carla Zampatti, and Event photographer for Emirates, Tourism Australian and Business Chicks and many international clients. Recently PSA Professional Speakers Assoc. appointment Photographer

For over 10 years, Zahrina Robertson has invited her clients to escape into her world of creativity and explore the possibilities of their online presence with fun! She is the cheerleader for her clients, whose biggest challenge is recognising their own potential… Find Zahrina Robertson on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAMLINKEDIN

She’s motivated to help people bring out those soft skills in a personal brand, by doing the invisible work that instils confidence and being comfortable in front of the camera. She captures every essence of who you want to be and known for and works at a deeper business brand strategy level.

Zahrina Robertson pushes the boundaries of her unlimited creativity with clients that trust her to ignite their personal brand and identify the expert within. She unveils the full potential of her clients personality in images and video, that congruently communicate their message, bringing it to the forefront, so they think about and see themselves differently.

Most recently, she was appointed the PSA Professional Speakers Association Key Event Photographer, Global Brand Ambassador for a Video brand and is a chosen brand partner with a variety of key people of influence. 

Early in 2020 working with Speakers, her SHOWREEL platform with BluePrint studios was launched providing HYBRID SHOWREELS and cutting edge images for Speakers to up-level – fast!

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