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Is your Visual Influence, Crafted to Attract your Niche?

Are you aware,
it's all about key positioning
and how you stand out?


Your magnetic profile is everything these days.

Did you know, it’s how you competitively position yourself?
World-Class Photography, Video ShowReels, Strategy and Styling defines who you are and together attracts the right people to you.  

Australia's Leading Multi-Award Winning
Brand Photographer + Video Strategist for Speakers, Authors, Leaders, Entreprenuers

Welcome, I’m Zahrina Robertson,  trusted to Craft your Compelling Story Brand.

Over 8 years, uniquely positioned locally in Sydney as Australia’s Leading Multi-Award Winning Visual Brand Strategist, the Personal Brand Photographer, Video Producer, Speaker and Author.

Consistently providing serious entrepreneurs, speakers, leaders, celebrities, business owners and coaches to competitively stand out via styling and strategy matched with an image library of personal brand portraits, showreels, author book trailers, event imagery that gains them a wider audience and paid their worth as the key known person of influence. 

In order to become memorable and known, you need to show up, be seen and heard in the right competitive photography and video showreels, I will get you there.

So if you’re serious about utilising more inspiring images or videos that position you for influence, then let’s chat.

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Find out how a brand attracts

"This book is the ultimate brand builder"- Therese T.

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Feeling Frustrated By The Videos You Are Sharing?

You can have the most amazing message to share with the world but if you don’t know how to be magnetically noticed by the right audience then it will forever go unheard. Here’s how I will help you…

Firstly, styling you correctly is a powerful approach to grab attention and keep all eyes on you. However, you need to find a skilled videographer that understands the brand strategy + styling will make your video work for you, both before and after it’s produced to delivery. Great video creation can be expensive. It’s an investment so you want to know it’s working and giving you maximum ROI.

You simply can’t deny the power of video assets – this is the new world.

Watching video provides both audio and visual stimulation which quickly engages your audience. Then you feel connected to your audience. It instantly builds trust and rapport and people develop a stronger affiliation for you than if they were simply seeing your static content. Giving you that magnetic compelling edge.

Here’s How to Find Your Compelling Story Brand - Photographer

Today, you need to find an expert photographer who deeply understands how to visually elevate your brand and strategically capture meaningful and impactful images that show your true personality. Here’s how I will guide you step by step, giving you that competitive edge.

These days you need more than a handful of images to get you by. No doubt – world class brand Strategy + Styling, Photography and Video Showreels are your benchmark to seek out.

Think about it. People scroll so fast through social media – magnetic images stop them in their tracks … you want a plethora of these images, right? With an image library of over 150 well-thought-out, usable photos, you will have enough photographs to cover your social media content for the next 12 months – my minimum, guarantee!

For over 10 years, I’ve loved producing quality impactful vibrant image libraries for all my clients. A brilliant branding photographer will provide you with a collection of photos that will support your profile, marketing, website, written messages, headers, banners, etc over all your platforms – I love giving you the competitive edge.

3 steps to make your mark

1. Brand Strategy

Get back to #1 or Top #3 in your industry. Be the magnetic brand that attracts!

Together we create your tailored and compelling visual brand. Enjoy in-depth Style and Brand Strategy that covers Video and Images that are congruent with your business message and personality strengths.

Be guided on ALL your signature clothing style, locations, video scripting, brand messaging, Speaker Reel plan or Author Videos.

Your Success matters - ALWAYS!

2. Brand Experience

Harnessing the power of expert Styling and Brand Strategies! 

Imagine experiencing and feeling fully Energised and Empowered during your Brand Video filming and/or your own Brand Photoshoot? 

TRY Our Signature "Ultimate Speaker Showreel Film Days" for Authors as well.

Numerous locations tailored to your bespoke aspirations.

Also, enjoy my Post Shoot Signature Branding Program to help you reach a wider audience and build a powerful impactful brand.

3. Brand Delivery Plus

Fast Delivery - Breathe easy!

Revel in your new brand presence to really make your magnetic dent!

Finally your positioned as the Key Person of Magnetic Influence #1 the go-to within your industry! Distinctive world-class Images and Videos chosen and delivered fast for immediate online impact.

Attract and influence the way you know best, be known amongst my high value partnerships. 

Be recognised in the media with all your magnetic visual assets by Zahrina.

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Here’s what Zahrina Robertson's
client’s have to say…

Peter Nicholls
Peter Nicholls
Zahrina is a beautiful lady who is has created her own beautiful life. A life she shares magnificently with us all through the magic of photos, videos and work.
Renata Huster
Renata Huster
Zahrina is super personable and so very talented not only as a photographer, public motivational speaker but also as an artist. She is energetic, engaging, and a lot of fun!
Gavin McSherry
Gavin McSherry
Highly recommend Zahrina and her team.
Kerry Buxton
Kerry Buxton
If you're looking for professionalism, and a way to get your message across, then Zahrina Photography is who you need to choose!
Therese Tarlinton
Therese Tarlinton
Total pro with lots to offer professional speakers. Really lovely, generous woman too.
Andrew Laggner
Andrew Laggner
It was an awesome event and an eye opener for me. I love it so much that it gave me lots to think about. The crew was professional and consistent. I loved the set up. I never thought I wasn’t able to do a great job. I recommend this event to anyone who wants to experience and expand the circle of professionalism in a safe environment. Zahrina is the best in the industry. She is passionate at helping you reach goals in becoming the next big speaker. Just go for it. You will not regret it.
Kristina Cain
Kristina Cain
Zahrina’s Ultimate Speaker Showreel Film Day has given me a platform to shine! I was looking for a way to package my skills as a keynote speaker and TV presenter when along came this unique package. I was a little reserved at first as investment needs to have credability behind it. Happy to say I’ve not regretted once taking the leap and I so enjoyed the experience and feeling like a rockstar! Not only has Zahrina lifted my game as a professional speaker but she has solidified my resolve on my future career as a motivational speaker and highlighted my brand and talents! 🙏 Thanks Zahrina, you’re a queen!
Peter Holtmann
Peter Holtmann
I engaged Zahrina to help me build my branding through images and videos. I am reengaging in the world of professional speaking and needed a presence that can demonstrate who I am and what I can do. Only through video and well placed images was this to be achieved. Zahrina and her team walked me through the process to where I am now, the owner of high quality content that can be shared in multiple platforms, engaging multiple audiences. It is a process worth pursuing, with a team that knows what to deliver.
David Lindsay
David Lindsay
Working with Zahrina was such an amazing experience, all the way from the very beginning, through the styling, personal branding images and finishing off with our time to shine on the Ultimate Speaker Showreel film day. The results left me speechless, and it isn't often that happens. I would highly recommend Zahrina and her team to help elevate you and your brand above the noise, and the "beige" out there, and give you a fantastic speakers showreel An extremely happy client here!!!
Danielle Hughes
Danielle Hughes
Zahrina has delivered above and beyond with a generous portfolio of world class shots for me to upgrade my professional branding. Her creativity and experience made me feel at ease when shooting (especially with some nerves on the day). If your brand needs an uplift and you're looking for an edge, I would highly recommend Zahrina.

I invite you to connect …

Together, let’s slice through the noise with world-class images, video and brand strategy that attracts immediate attention and quickly engages to widen your audience and create a powerful platform that builds your trust.

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Australia’s Leading Multi-Award Winning Photographer & Videographer,
Magnetic Brand Builder,
Author, Artist,
 Keynote Speaker.


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