Zahrina Robertson may spend a lot of her time behind a camera lens, capturing the essence of other people, but she is no wallflower.

You could describe her as a powerful force of nature bent on helping others make their personal branding irresistible. Her energy and passion for her craft and helping people make an impact is intoxicating.

She has a knack for getting to know people and understanding who they are even before she takes their photo.

Born into a home where cameras had pride of place, Zahrina took up photography as not only a way to make a living but as her way of making a difference in people’s lives.

“My father was an amateur photographer. I was so inspired by how he could capture basic images and transform beautiful things like the intricate detail of a rose or everyday backyard items into something magnificent,” she said.

“I got the bug for it.  I have never been able to let it go.  It gives back to me by allowing me to tap into my value system of creativity.”
Zahrina lives to inspire people with images.

Branding Portrait Photographer Zahrina says..

“A lot of people have cried after they see what I  can do with their image – I translate their beliefs and inspiration through the photo,” she said.

“People tell me they hate the camera. But after 10 minutes with me, they love the camera and do not want to leave the studio.

“I tell them not to be scared of the lens; it is just a piece of equipment.”

To get the best out of people, Zahrina taps into their hearts by connecting with them, to see them deeper than they see themselves.

“It feeds my soul to see the transformation in the eyes of these people; business people, entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

“I want them to walk away feeling like someone has finally tapped into them, with where they are at in their career. To have captured their credibility and confidence, with their authenticity just popping.”

Having a photo session with Zahrina is not like popping into a shopping centre studio.  It is a journey and an experience.

“I tap into my intuition during a photo session.  It is a process that takes time, of getting to know people and connecting with them – that can’t be rushed,” she said.

“I do not just do headshots; I do personal branding. It is a different process because I help people really think about their brand, their business messages and how to do things differently.

“It is no cookie-cutter approach.”

For Zahrina, an image has to tell a story bigger than words.

“After all an image is ‘talking’ 24/7 online. The image has to attract the ideal client, better clients than my clients have ever had,” she said.

“You have seven seconds to make an impact. You do not want to be held back because of your online imagery.”

While her business is only four years old, Zahrina is making a big impact.  She recently opened up her third studio in Melbourne, she travels the country taking photos and is in demand from major corporations.

“I am building a phenomenal business.  I have to pinch myself sometimes because everything is falling into place,” she said

“I have big plans..and that plan will help me continue to make a difference in people’s businesses by honing their personal branding.”

Branding Portrait Photographer Zahrina Robertson

About Zahrina Zahrina owns Zahrina Photography and is the Leading Awarding Winning International Personal Brand Photographer in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Her inspiring new book on personal branding is due in late 2014.

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