What Happens During a Brand Shoot

Personal Branding Portrait shoot

Photography is a passion

Since 2008, I’ve pioneered personal branding photography – photographing international Entrepreneurs plus thousands of individuals and modern entrepreneurs. As a seasoned business owner myself, I know it’s essential to achieve the ultimate look for your brand.

As a thought leader in the field of personal branding, I see the deep power of potential within each woman even before I pick up the camera. I respect the higher purpose of entrepreneurs to change the world and express themselves through their leadership, creativity, and unique ideas. I believe that a picture is worth a thousand words and can evoke feelings, thoughts and perceptions of the person viewing the photo. Clients often determine whether they feel they can work with you based upon your professional marketing photos. So what happens during a brand shoot? Learn it here!

What Happens During a Brand Shoot?

The amazing people whose images I capture arrive at my studio or at a location with anticipation of the day ahead. The relationship I form with my clients starts from the first phone call. The moment they start sharing their stories about their businesses with me I’m immediately mesmerized by the power of their purpose and potential. It is this power and potential that gives them such presence during the photoshoot.

The testimonials that I have received speak to this:

When I sat down and looked at my photos for the first time, it was very emotional – I saw the woman I wanted to be, I was there all along but it was Zahrina who brought it out in the photos she took” – Jo Shiers (The Style Advisor).

Just have a look at the stunning, powerful and confident woman Jo Shier is:

My philosophy is to create highly personalized photography that captures a wonderful sense of joy, strength, love and the natural freedom of you.

I guarantee you will love your photos!

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