Let Your Personal Branding Images Speak

Personal branding images are designed to communicate with visitors and convey your beliefs and values as a person and as a brand. What feelings should a personal branding photo immediately communicate to potential clients for greater impact, believability, credibility, and trust?

Let Your Personal Branding Images Speak

Basically, your goal is to have a possible client decide to do business with you. Whether they get in touch with you through phone, email or social media, the important thing is to let your personal branding images make a connection with your target market.

Here are some of the questions that will go through the mind of potential clients when they see your website or social media profile:

  • “Does this woman have the integrity I am looking for?”
  • “Does this woman look like an expert in the specified field?”
  • “Can I trust in her?”
  • “Does she have a pleasing personality?”
  • “Is her confidence evident in the photos?”
  • “Am I ready to do business with this woman?”
  • “Do the personal branding images show her beliefs, her purpose in life?”
  • “Is she approachable?”

These are just some of the considerations that your future clients will think about when they look at your profile on the Internet. It is therefore essential to take all these into account when you want to post personal branding images on your webpage.

A personal brand photography expert can help you achieve all these goals. A selfie definitely has no place for these purposes. You will need high quality, high-resolution images to show off your best angles. Apart from that, personal branding photos should project your core beliefs in connection with your company, product, or service.

While your photos are being taken, try to answer the questions above. Yes, I have integrity! I AM an expert! You can trust me! I’m wearing my best clothes, great makeup, and I feel good! I’m not looking at a camera lens, I’m looking at my next clients! Hello there! Let’s do great business together! I love my product! I believe in it, it’s my passion! Let’s be friends!

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