In the journey of creating your personal branding it is vital that you find the right people and tools to have the greatest impact.

Images are incredibly powerful in creating an impact for your business and personal branding message.

Finding the ideal personall branding photographer is critical in capturing the images that really give the message and impact that you want.

Key qualities to look out for in a personal branding photographer include:

– a photographer who is flexible, honest and insightful approach

– a photographer who understands and is interested in your business message

–  a photographer who is professional and able to work creatively

– a photographer who is able to tap into knowledge of who you are as a person

– a photographer who is skilled at creating the real persona of who you want to be  for online branding

– a photographer who is gifted in coaching you through creating an impactful business message through your personal branding images

I had the priviledge of capturing the images of Faizah Baldonado earlier this year. Faizah had some wonderful things to say about finding the right photographer.


Faizah had felt frustrated with not come across a photographer she resonated with, who she could trust to show the real her in photos. She felt it was so important for her to deliver the right message through imagery on her website.

Faizah enjoyed working with me and felt the process gave her so much more confidence and certainty in who she was and seeing the true value of the service she offers.


Both Faizah and I had a wonderful time during the process of capturing her images. I am blown away with the kind words Faizah had to say about me Zahrina is incredibly inspiring as a woman and in business.”

Faizah now feels “excited and confident” in moving forward in her business.

Thank you Faizah for this beautiful recommendation: I would absolutely recommend Zahrina to anyone who wants to shine in their business and who wants to work with someone who is a professional, has integrity, and who knows exactly how to bring out the best of you!”  


Award winning personal branding photographer, Zahrina Robertson.