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Lifeworks in awe-inspiring ways!

This week the universe delivered a little more than I expected! … For the last 2 years, I’ve been working towards empowering entrepreneurs about their personal brand in a way that is uplifting and inspiring. This week my dream came true, I presented a new personal brand workshop to an amazing group of women from Creative Mamas Group. I helped them embrace and discover the depth of their personal brand. Seeing the results of how my Personal Branding workshop empowered these talented ladies, really fed my soul.

A mysterious moment came at the end of the workshop when the number of inspired ladies gathered around me to listen to my lady pondered and said, …”I wonder what’s in store for you next, Zahrina?” ( no tarot cards were involved at this stage! hehe)

CHANNEL 9 – The Experience… What happened next, blew my mind. I received a call the very next morning from television station Channel 9 requesting I be interviewed in their studios about my thoughts on personal brand images on social media. They conducted their research and discovered I was the only expert on personal branding with a unique approach via the camera lens.  This was the icing on my mini cupcake! I turned up in my favourite blue outfit, of course! The experience was more than I imagined, whilst I was being wired up for sound, I had various VIP visitors pop in and introduced themselves to me like Peter Overton and Karl Stefanovic. The interview experience was empowering, it pushed my boundaries and opened my eyes to opportunities. …certainly a different experience from my creative natural light studio where I photograph and coach men and women in business. Tapping into the potential of personal brands and creating iconic brand images of them that talk 24/7, for their clients to say YES is exciting and challenging. The moral of my adventure is simple – “Believe in your potential – there are no limits” MY NEW PERSONAL BRANDING BOOK Enjoy watching the video … Cheers, Zahrina Robertson


  • Zahrina you were fabulous on the show. You came across so authentic and a real expert in your field. I would hire you in under five seconds – oh wait! I did. People are welcome to go to my website and check out the amazing work you did for me with my personal branding photos. Congratulations. Jo

    • Zahrina

      Now this is great feedback! I hope the ratings went through the roof! Have a great Xmas, Cheers, Zahrina x

    • ooh thank you, Jo, you’re an amazing lady to know and photograph! You ooze so much pizzaz and authenticity and styling talent!

  • Glenn Bright

    Woohoo! Love your work, Z! 😀

    • Zahrina

      Hi Glenn, Thank you very much! I greatly appreciate the feedback and support…Zz:))

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