Zahrina Robertson Personal, Branding Photography and Video Branding in Sydney

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  1. Glenn Bright says:

    Woohoo! Love your work, Z! 😀

    1. Hi Glenn, Thank you very much! I greatly appreciate the feedback and support…Zz:))

  2. Zahrina you were fabulous on the show. You came across so authentic and a real expert in your field. I would hire you in under five seconds – oh wait! I did. People are welcome to go to my website and check out the amazing work you did for me with my personal branding photos. Congratulations. Jo

    1. ooh thank you, Jo, you’re an amazing lady to know and photograph! You ooze so much pizzaz and authenticity and styling talent!

    2. Now this is great feedback! I hope the ratings went through the roof! Have a great Xmas, Cheers, Zahrina x

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