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What’s Your Business Edge?

  • Need a Refresh for your brand? 
  • Looking to gain more online presence? 
  • Are your images old and need a re-vamp?

Professionally taken Personal Branding images can give you a business message and personal brand a new lease on life!

As a photographer, I love the process of helping clients get a new lease on how they portray themselves through the personal branding images I take of them.

A beautiful example of a happy client in this regard is Anita Borgnis of

Anita took the brave step towards having personal branding images taken when she was going through a difficult business partnership dissolution and felt she needed to start on a clean slate, re-evaluate what was important to her and what she stood for.

Anita would recommend having professional personal branding photos taken for anyone “who wants to connect with their femininity as Zahrina intuitively captures the very essence of a woman.”

In summary, having new personal branding images taken can really boost your confidence and as Anita puts it so well here

” I got my spark back and feel reignited to build on my fresh personal photography and work on my personal branding.”

Images have the power to reignite your passion and give you back your edge!

Thank you, Anita, for sharing your journey with us!

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