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Need a Children’s Book that helps literacy? 

Looking For a Children’s Book that helps build our literacy levels? 

Want an easy reading book for 0-5 years?

I’m passionate about photography to help lift the literacy levels of our Indigenous remote 0-5-year-old children. The minute I landed back in the big smoke of Sydney town to Christmas time has truly been a wonderful and joyous time with the launch of my “Indigenous Literacy Bookworm Program” and my first book to help assist the program to fruition. It’s just been so extremely positive on so many levels. I can’t think of a time when my creativity has been pushed to its limits to do achieve greatness for others. I’m blessed for the people I surround myself around with every day and their encouragement ROCKS!

My new Children’s Book, “Zahrina and Tina’s Outback Adventure” is available NOW online.

I’ve self-published this book in-house in my Studio within November 2012, this NEW Children’s Book was launched on December 4th with the new program. I did this with fellow friend and traveller, Tina Clark, we’re now looking at a 2nd print run, which has been truly exciting for our indigenous children, they will receive loads of books to help with their reading and future. Thank you ALL for your kind SUPPORT!

Please “LIKE” our NEW Facebook page for our NON-PROFIT – “Indigenous Literacy Bookwork Program” launched this week…

This is Taj my now 4-year-old son loving Mum read to him for the zillionth time! I love books and learning, so passing this onto Taj has been a natural progression.

Ooh, the Book took a trip to my natural light studio! :))

Event Launch of the Indigenous Literacy Bookworm Program took place on December 4th. 60 wonderful people turned up to enjoy the excitement!

A Touch Of Goodness was fantastic! I announcement of the NSW Finalist for Mrs International Australia will be announced in April.

It’s in recognition of MRS ( married women) who are doing charitable things to help our world.

Fun with my friends…Touch Of Goodness Australian Finalist and Director…love them both, great women!

Please share your thoughts on this in the comments section below – I’m really interested to hear your story!

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