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Today I was interviewed on National TV for Ch.9 – Channel Nine News to provide my opinion on a personal brand image story hitting the headlines.

This personal brand body story is about an international USA pilates fitness blogger’s personal brand and the tirade of unnecessary abuse she has had to deal with about her own fit appearance.

As a personal brand one needs to grow a thick skin if your a blogger or any person in the public eye. It’s part and parcel of your journey.

{ My Personal Branding Top Tip }

You will never please everyone, just try your best to serve the people who resonate with your personal brand authenticity and message.

I was appalled at the comments this expert fitness instructor had received by fellow women. It’s not justified to put people down especially women of women. To have my opinion asked for and heard was a very humbling experience.

In a positive and very inspiring response, she created a video for her critics to showcase their poor choice of comments.

Check out the video link below of my interview on Channel Nine News today… Enjoy xox

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