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Video is a powerful medium to reach more prospective clients locally and globally. It’s effective in protecting your personal brand without having to introduce yourself to everyone over and over. So here are valuable tips for your video brand.

1/  Add a video to your Website, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube because the video is the future of online content marketing.

2/ In order to make sure your video is compelling and of high quality you’ll need an expert to help you out. Even the best speakers can be camera shy. With a video content coach, you can determine which strategies work and which do not to ensure that your personal brand message shines through with ease.

3/ You may try to do it yourself via your mobile phone but you cannot be sure that many people, especially your target market, will take you seriously after seeing an amateur video that they’d rather forget. Be open to valuable insights that only someone from the outside looking in can provide.

4/ When you have created your video bio it’s not the end of the road… Your brand needs to be consistent so that it will be popular and stay that way. Your video content coach should be there all the way as your personal cheerleader, making sure your personal brand messages are updated and maintained. You do not want your brand to get weaker as time goes by.

5/ Video branding is the ultimate way of projecting yourself for success. Video creates presence and visibility, helps you to stand out from the competition, makes your ideal client more aware of your uniqueness and value – and most importantly helps you to identify and achieve your goals!

To understand the points of this article in context – watch the high-quality video attached above

Key items to look out for in a personal branding video are:

How clear is the audio? Is the appearance of the person within the footage clear? Is the setting on brand? How does the vibe of the video feel? It is heartfelt? Do you feel connected? How succinct is the brand messaging and content? Is it high-quality brand storytelling?

Finally, would you want to connect with the person within the video?

Video branding your magnetism will help you to convey your brand message clearer and faster and be more compelling to your ideal client with clarity and confidence.

Believe it!

You are one step closer to success using high-quality educational storytelling videos alongside your branding photos as part of your online brand strategy.

Please share your thoughts on this in the comments section below – I’m really interested to hear your story!

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