The Right Strategies To Create your Magnetic Brand

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The Right Strategies to Create your Magnetic Personal Brand.

The online world has become a playground for business people, where they engage in all sorts of techniques to see their product succeed. Tough competition makes the game all the more exciting because website owners exhibit all their best marketing tactics in order to gather the most customers. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or a newbie just starting out, with the right strategies to successfully bring your brand closer to the public, you can always succeed by executing the right strategies to create your magnetic brand.

If you haven’t heard what magnetic personal branding is all about the chances are your business hasn’t gone far and above yet. Magnetic Personal branding is about developing a ‘your mark’ that is linked to your own personal name or career. This ‘personal branding mark’ is what you will need to connect to the public professionally. Through personal branding, you have the power to stand out among your competitors in the right manner. How can you successfully create your brand identity?

Build Your Platform.

In order for our magnetic personal brand to be known, you will need to have a website which will function as your virtual platform. Your website is actually your identity. Its images must be skilfully photographed and professionally laid out. By creating your platform, your identity can reach the farthest part of the World Wide Web and therefore your business will eventually flourish.

Craft Your Own Persona.

When shaping up your persona, you have to consider three things: emotional appeal, personality features, and field of specialty. Emotional appeal is focused on your ability to connect with people – what makes people attracted to you? Personality features is about describing yourself. When it comes to personal branding, discuss your positive traits and what people can expect from you. The field of specialty is exhibiting what you are good at and what benefits you can share with your viewers. Take note that persona is all about individuality and uniqueness.

Magnify Your Strengths.

Magnetic Personal branding is a venue for you to showcase your skills and expertise. By sharing your good qualities and capabilities, you can establish trust with your website audience.

Think about it. If your website is not making good revenue, there’s likely a problem with its marketing structure. Perhaps you are missing the most important ingredient. So get ahead of the rest and embrace the power of personal branding!

How We Can Work Together …


Zahrina Robertson works with Thought Leaders, Experts, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and trusted advisors to increase and harness their personal branding through video and photography branding business strategies that position your purpose! 

Creating a million dollar personal brand starts from the inside out. As a globally renowned photographer, personal branding strategist, and professional speaker Zahrina Robertson has mastered the art of creating magnetism online, onstage, and in life. After all the future is BRAND YOU. She is on a mission to empower others with the tools she has developed to create an image and branding transformation that truly captures your most magnetic self.

Zahrina has published a number of branding books including “MAGNETIC BRANDING” “The Complete Guide to a Brand That Attracts”

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