Magnetic Personal Brand Story #12 Dale Beaumont with Zahrina Robertson


CEO – Business Blueprint

I’m the CEO of Business Blueprint and I provide business owners with the skills and means to build a highly successful business based on an in-depth review of all facets of business throughout the year.

How did you find the courage/motivation to embark on the path of doing what you’re doing as a dynamic entrepreneur? 

My father was the key influence in my life as an entrepreneur. I remember how he ran his business and I was hooked.

What are your top two strategies for promoting your personal brand to help your business? 

My top strategy would be to write a book that profiles the audience as the expert. It will boost their profile and credibility faster than most anything else. It will provide you the authority status and make you one of the leading experts in your field. My second strategy is to build their database and continue to grow it to build their relationships for a successful business.

How has personal branding helped you to achieve your business goals?

When I started taking stock of my personal brand, the opportunities flowed in. I felt more connected to my goals and the results were better.
I’m privileged to be able to help so many people.

From your experience, what advice would you provide to other entrepreneurs on personal branding?

Harness it now and start creating an impact for your business. Be yourself and have fun.

What does the future hold for you?

I’m fairly pleased to announce the launch of the world’s first 24/7, TV Channel for businesses. It’s been extremely well received so far and I’ll continue to grow this channel to help motivate and educate business owners.

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