Magnetic Personal Brand Story #15 Matt Church with Zahrina Robertson

Chairman and Founder Thought Leaders Global

I am a professional speaker and father of two stunning children, Chloe and Nicholas, obsessed with helping people be commercially smart by capturing, packaging and delivering their work, as the founder of Thought Leaders Global.

How did you find the courage/motivation to embark on the path of doing what you’re doing as a dynamic entrepreneur?

I think I am basically unemployable with serious authority issues. As such I really had no choice. What I have found though is that being a BRAND gives me the chance to be fully self-expressed in the world. Creating and delivering value to others means you get to create yourself everyday.

What are your top two strategies for promoting your personal brand to help your business?

Be awesome! Seriously it’s about being the best you can in all that you do. And realising that your best on any given day is the best you could do. THEN I reckon you need to be ‘on point’ about realising that branding and positioning are deliberate. No off message posts on social media, know your strategy and work it with intent.

How has personal branding helped you to achieve your business goals? 

I think every successful person becomes a BRAND, a brand is about how you are perceived by others. It’s about taking control of that and being at source in all you do. It’s not organic or accidental, it needs to be strategic and intentional. From your experience, what advice would you provide to other entrepreneurs on personal branding? Get serious about it, don’t leave it to chance. Ensure that it’s congruent with who you are and what you stand for, keep it real and then TURN IT UP.

What does the future hold for you?

More love, more vacations. And time to do the work I love, with people I like, the way I want. Oh, and I want to work with others to transform education as we know it.

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