What Makes A Million Dollar Brand?

What makes a Million Dollar Brand?

Over the years I’ve realized shooting the types of people I really like, know and respect has such a positive effect not only on my work but my mindset. There’s an entrepreneurial woman whom I’ve created her personal brand for called Jane Lu of ShowPo, Sydney Australia.

She turned up in my studio after our brand sessions together..and told me about how she was growing her business from her parent’s garage to build her empire and her big dreams were about to happen! So with keen eyes, I watched this space to success!

She rocked up to my studio full of energy and a touch nervous. Jane then had her stunning hair and make-up done. Then it was time to have a load of fun capturing her edgy savvy side of her personal brand.
I’m blessed to say she was so relaxed and coached in my studio.

Hence some great images came from our session. Jane Lu has now expanded her business empire to include men’s clothing range and expanded overseas…CONGRATULATIONS on Jane’s braveness and commitment to success and actually putting herself out there with some powerful images of her by me.

The shot on the left is her BEFORE image and the AFTER shot is on the right by guess who? hehe xx


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